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Texas Tech APR Scores

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Sport Multi-Year Rate
Baseball 950
Football 946
Men's Basketball 956
Men's Cross Country 975
Men's Golf 981
Men's Tennis 967
Men's Track, Indoor 960
Men's Track, Outdoor 962
Softball 969
Women's Basketball 975
Women's Cross Country 977
Women's Golf 972
Women's Soccer 989
Women's Tennis 1000
Women's Track, Indoor 973
Women's Track, Outdoor 973
Women's Volleyball 985

The data is pulled from the NCAA website, but it appears that Texas Tech is doing pretty well on the academic side of things. These figures are from the 2010-11 academic year. Generally, a score of 925 or above is passing and good. Since Wikipedia can explain better than I can, here's how APR scores work:

Each student-athlete receiving athletically related financial aid earns one retention point for staying in school and one eligibility point for being academically eligible. A team’s total points are divided by the points possible and then multiplied by one thousand to equal the team’s Academic Progress Rate score. Example: A Division I Football Bowl Subdivision team awards the full complement of 85 grants-in-aid. If 80 student-athletes remain in school and academically eligible, three remain in school but are academically ineligible and two drop out academically ineligible, the team earns 163 of 170 possible points for that term. Divide 163 by 170 and multiply by 1,000 to determine that the team’s Academic Progress Rate for that term is 959.

Also, if all you care about is football, then that's after the jump and a comparison for the Big 12 (remember, this is 2010-11 academic year so it includes Nebraska and Colorado):

School Multi-Year Rate
University of Missouri, Columbia 972
University of Kansas 971
University of Oklahoma 970
University of Nebraska, Lincoln 966
Baylor University 956
Texas A&M University, College Station 946
Texas Tech University 946
Kansas State University 943
Iowa State University 938
University of Colorado, Boulder 938
University of Texas at Austin 937
Oklahoma State University 928