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Trent Dilfer Discusses Newest Texas Tech Commit QB Davis Webb


Yesterday on Double-T 104.3, former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer discussed a handful of things, including Texas Tech's newest commitment, Prosper's QB Davis Webb. Because I do not have the time to actually transcribe the entire interview, I did take the time to take notes during the interview, so here's a bit of the non-transcript.

When asked about Webb, Dilfer had some nice things to say in that Webb isn't a finished product just yet:

Very intrigued, not a ton of power, but will because of his frame. Has a high passing acumen, can buy himself time. Saw him live, there were 15 big time high profile prospects there, Webb didn't flinch and went toe-to-toe and was one of the top four or five at the Dallas Regional. The Dallas region is phenomenal, 15 quarterbacks who deserve big time scholarships.

I don't think that Webb was necessarily highlighted after the Elite 11 regional in Dallas by any of the ESPN analysts, but I like the fact that Webb wasn't intimidated. Dilfer also talked about why Webb may not be highly rated:

I could see why Webb would fly under the radar, not fully developed, doesn't do anything athletically that pops on tape. Webb does possess transferable athletic traits, especially the suddenness in his feet and suddenness in his release and if he can throw the ball with anticipation, don't have to be a great athlete.

I had a hard time figuring out what Dilfer said about the "suddenness" of Webb's feet and release, but I think that's an accurate transcription. Dilfer also said that the state of Texas maybe produces more Division I ready quarterbacks because the coaching on the high school level is better than in some other states and I think that Dilfer was speaking more towards fundamentals:

Texas has a lot of players that know what they are doing because the coaching is better, lot of good athletes.

You can see this with Webb as well, in particular as to how Webb holds the ball up high close to his ear, which is crucial for a quarterback and I think that's a difficult trait to get high school quarterbacks in that sort of habit. Good stuff, make sure and listen to the whole thing and feel free to add a comment with anything that I missed.