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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-06-01

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This Week on DTN
* Carvalho and Escobar Finish Second in NCAA Men's Doubles Championship
* Five Players that Should Keep Their Options Open in 2012
* Recruiting on the South Plains | QB Davis Webb
* What Are the Factors in Firing and Hiring Head Coaches

ODDS AND ENDS | Per the LAJ, AD Kirby Hocutt who attended the Big 12 meetings, but apparently didn't call a press conference to make any fake-announcements.

CONFERENCE REALIGNMENT | If you like following good-strong conference realignment rumors that seem pretty valid, again, you need to read The Dude of WV. He has two updates from yesterday, one saying that the despite what everyone is saying, Florida St. and Clemson are on their way to the Big 12 and the second update says that we can expect some movement after the BCS vote on June 20th and that the vote to allow Notre Dame to join without football would be shot down 7-1 or 9-1. I'll let you guess who the one vote is that wants Notre Dame.

BASKETBALL | I'm not totally sure what this is, but there is a Faith 7 Bowl game between all-star players from Texas and Oklahoma on June 9th in Shawnee, Oklahoma (I know, this is strange build-up) and Texas Tech signees SF Wannah Bail and PG Josh Gray are playing in this game.

Want to catch up on what's happening with former Red Raider Martin Zeno? Well, here you go.

FOOTBALL | Don't forget that the Houston area camps start today and tomorrow with the Dallas area camps going next weekend. Expect some additional commitments over the next week or two. The LAJ's David Just had a Q&A with former Red Raider Graham Harrell and SB Nation Green Bay Packers blog Acme Packing Company has a bit on Harrell as well.