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Recruiting on the South Plains | Running Back Recruiting Targets

2013 Texas Tech Football Recruiting
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Again, these targets and potential recruits were pulled from Scout and 24/7 Sports. I also remembered that I can check out ESPN as to potential offers. I know that someone had posted a spreadsheet of potential offers, but my mind was going numb trying to search that spreadsheet, so I might utilize that spreadsheet once I get a better handle on all of the offers to the various high school players. Texas Tech offered Cypress Ranch RB Keith Ford and Pearland RB James White, but Ford committed to Oklahoma and White committed to TAMU. I think the other running back that is not on this list is Dontre Wilson as I think he's choosing between Texas and Oregon shortly (he may have done so by the time I've written this post). I have taken them off this list.

Jamel James (6-0/210) Cinco Ranch (Katy, TX)

James is interesting because he was one of the few commits to Arkansas before head coach Bobby Petrino was terminated. James is more bowling ball than typical Texas Tech scat back. I don't think he has the top-end speed of someone like DeAndre Washington and is probably more built like Kenny Williams, but bigger. I think James' style can work in this offense. I do like James' vision and I also like the fact that he included some pass-blocking his his Hudl highlight video. I'd also add that the handful of times that you see James catching a pass out of the backfield, he looks smooth receiving the ball and quickly turns up field.

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Corion Webster (5-11/190) Atlanta (Atlanta, TX)

All you tend to see on Webster's film are huge holes and long touchdown runs. It's really somewhat impressive how many times there's a large amount of space for Webster to run. Webster has a big frame already, again closer to Kenny Williams than DeAndre Washington. Not at all afraid of contact and lowers his head more than once to take on defenders. Webster might be a bit under-rated right now, only a few offers, one of them being TAMU, which I think already has two running backs committed. Not only that, Webster has as good of numbers as there are in the state, 1,865 yards and 24 touchdowns.

Daryl Chestnut (5-9/190) Christopher Columbus (Miami, FL)

I suppose there's no harm in offering a Florida running back, but Chestnut also has offers from Florida St., but other than that, Chestnut doesn't have any other huge offers. This may be one of those situations where perhaps Tuberville thinks that a player will go overlooked in talent rich Florida. Chestnut runs out of his shoes in one play. Literally. Go watch. Either way, it make sense as to why he was offered as he's pretty much exactly what you've come to expect from a Texas Tech running back. Not huge, incredibly quick, terrific athlete, fast enough to break a play out of the spread and big enough to run between the tackles. Chestnut has terrific vision, which is another reason why I think he'd be so good out of the spread.

Both Glenn and Driskell don't have offers, but these are my two sleeper players that I think eventually will have offers, or they should have offers based on my totally un-expert opinion.

Joseph Glenn (5-10/195) Giddings (Giddings, TX)

This might be the most surprising of the things, which is that I'm almost sure that Glenn made an appearance at Texas Tech's spring game and the thought was that he would be offered at that time. That apparently hasn't happened just yet. This seems like a natural fit, like Chestnut, Glenn is typical of what Texas Tech has had at running back. Glenn is running for more tough yards and isn't getting into open space, but then again, the offense being run at Giddings is more traditional and not a spread offense, but that might make what he's doing even more impressive. I don't know if the staff is waiting on seeing him in camp. I should also add that Glenn doesn't have any offers other than Wake Forest, so it's not just Texas Tech that is slow-playing this situation for whatever reason.

Bryan Driskell (5-8/168) McKinney Boyd (McKinney, TX)

Like Glenn, there's no offer for this all-around back and I don't think Driskell has really gotten the attention he deserves. Driskell rushed for over 2,000 yards in just 11 games last year for 188 yards a game and 28 touchdowns. Again, you won't find better numbers in the state and I'd also add that against the vaunted Skylinedefense, Driskell was the only player that could muster any offense. I think it's just a matter of time before the offers start pouring. And just like Wilson, I'd guess that maybe some teams are a bit turned off by Driskell's lack of size, but you can't argue his production.