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Red Raider Hardball | Texas Tech Travels Final Time to Texas A&M

Texas Tech (26-22, 5-13) vs. Texas A&M (32-13, 11-7)
Official Site Notes: Here
Location: Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park | College Station, TX
Radio: Affiliates
Date Start Time Texas Tech
Starting Pitcher
Texas A&M
Starting Pitcher
5.4.12 6:35 pm John Neely (RHP)
(L, 3-6)
Michael Wacha (RHP)
(W, 7-0)
L, 4-2
5.5.12 2:05 pm Rusty Shellhorn (LHP)
(5-2, 4.26)
Ross Stripling (RHP)
(7-2, 2.72)
L, 7-2
5.6.12 1:05 pm Trey Masek (RHP)
(1-4, 3.43)
Rafael Pineda (RHP)
(5-1, 2.54)
LF - Brennan Moore | CF - Barrett Barnes | RF - Jordan Lopez
SS - Tim Proudfoot | 2ND - Jamodrick McGruder
3RD - Reid Redman | 1ST - Scott LeJeune
C - Bo Altobelli
DH - Stephen Hagen

*Click on the score for boxscore.Thoughts and scores are after the jump.


  • So von Schamann isn't starting? That's not good. Von Schamann strained his bicep last weekend and said it wasn't going to be that big of a deal and now he's missing a start. Not good.
  • So this is it with the Aggies. I think this is the last team sport that plays the Aggies for the year, excluding tournament play. Looking at their ERA's I have a feeling that things are not going to go well, but things happen.
  • LAJ's George Watson writes that the team is confident and lays out what must happen to make the Big 12 tournament:

    The Red Raiders enter the weekend a half-game ahead of Kansas (4-13) for seventh in the Big 12 and two games ahead of the last-place Wildcats (3-15). KU and KSU are both out of league play this weekend and will meet for a three-game series next weekend in Manhattan, Kan. while Tech is off for finals.

    The only way the Tech-Kansas State series won’t have meaning in terms of qualifying for the Big 12 Championships is if Tech takes at least two from the Aggies and the Kansas State is swept by Kansas next week.

  • DT's Brett Winegarner previews the series:

    Despite this being the end of this rivalry, Tech head coach Dan Spencer said, he doesn’t think the team will take a different approach into the weekend and are just looking to win a series.

    "I don’t think so," he said. "I think it’s an opportunity for us to play again, obviously, against good people on the road and it’s a conference game. I think there’s enough meaning in that without getting into history and tradition and those things."

Game 1 | Texas Tech 2, Texas A&M 4 (official site)

It's got to be incredibly frustrating, but the pitchers gave up only two earned runs, yet lose 4-2. Starter John Neely gave up those two earned runs and pitched a terrific 5 frames. Again, the offense just can't get going, but there's a reason why those TAMU ERA's are so low. They're pretty darned good. LAJ's George Watson recaps the game.

Game 2 | Texas Tech 2, Texas A&M 7 (official site)

The Aggie hitters had 3 home runs for the day and Ross Stripling struck out 13 in 8 innings. Noticed that I didn't write anything about Texas Tech. Not sure what to say and hope that Texas Tech can salvage one game, but Masek has been shaky at best starting.