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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-05-24

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ODDS AND ENDS | USA Today has the athletic director salary database and you can see what every athletic director makes (or almost every athletic director), including Kirby Hocutt.

Black Heart Gold Pants continues with their Pro Combat uniform redesigns with Purdue.

The Atlantic has some pretty fantastic photos from Brazil.

I don't remember who I saw linked this first, but in the long line of trick shot videos, this is longsnapper Nick DiChiara.

I don't know what Trailer Park Boys are, but Wide Right Natty Lite compared Trailer Park Boys to the Big 12.

CONFERENCE REALIGNMENT | The Dude of WV , who was the first person that said that all of this conference realignment stuff was going to happen, writes that the Big 12 will not expand by more than 12 unless those teams add tremendous value (i.e. Georgia Tech and Notre Dame) and gives a ton of praise to interim commissioner Chuck Neinas for making the Big 12 get on the same page. If what The Dude writes is true, then Neinas may have been the most influential conference commissioner in such a short period of time.

GOLF | Congrats to Kim Kaufman who sits in 9th place after two rounds of the NCAA Individual Championships. Two more days to go.

TENNIS | Congrats to Gonzalo Escobar who upset UCLA's Ryan Thatcher yesterday and will have to beat OU's Costin Paval, who Escobar hasn't beaten in their four matches. Go get em.

MEN'S BASKETBALL | Per the official site, please welcome Brian Hanni as the new voice of the men's basketball team. LAJ's Nick Kosmider has an article and quotes from Brian. Welcome Brian!

BASEBALL | If you ever wanted to know how good Barrett Barnes was during his Texas Tech career, then please check out his highlight film.

FOOTBALL | John David Stroud was indicted for fraud yesterday (see here and here), Tommy Tuberville was not. I've never thought that Tuberville's hands were completely clean, but from where I sat, I didn't think he had the level of control and management that Stroud had. Tuberville may have had a fiduciary responsibility, but I didn't think it was fraud. I think that Tuberville may eventually settle or he may be monetarily liable, but not criminally liable.