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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-05-22

ODDS AND ENDS | This didn't belong under a baseball heading, but this was an editorial from the well-respected LAJ's George Watson who wrote this:

For the past 14 months, we’ve seen the diplomatic side of Kirby Hocutt. Tech’s athletic director has been well out in front, waving the school flag, smiling, shaking hands, meeting people, encouraging fans and donors that the future of Texas Tech athletics is a bright one.

On Monday, we saw a different side of Hocutt. Raw, stern, disappointed yet still just as determined as ever to make every Red Raider athletic program a successful one in terms of NCAA postseason.

And by relieving Dan Spencer of his duties as head coach of the baseball program, Hocutt sent a clear message to every other head coach that wears the red and black — if your team doesn’t perform, you’re next.

Because mediocrity will no longer be tolerated.

Let's preface this by saying that there will be things that Hocutt will do that will not make people happy. He might give coaches longer leashes than they should, but a coach will most likely make it incredibly easy for an athletic director to make the decision as to whether or not to hire or fire a coach. Go read the whole thing. I think that Watson captures a lot of things that a lot of you have been thinking would happen, but I've always thought that Hocutt wasn't going to be afraid to pull the trigger. He did it at Miami, so it is not a surprise to see Hocutt doing this now.

CONFERENCE REALIGNMENT | I have stopped putting stock into just about any site that claims that they know what is happening, but @gswaim (radio host in Oklahoma) is tweeting that all sports other than football for Notre Dame as well as Florida St. and Clemson are set to join the Big 12. Kansas St. blog, Jug of Snyder says that Clemson and Florida St. will notify the ACC that they are leaving for the Big 12 and says that Florida St. and Clemson is inevitable. I'm not as passionate about this round because conference realignment is not affecting Texas Tech directly and it is tiresome to follow all of the rumors. (Forgot to add a hat-tip to SB Nation's TCU blog, Frogs O' War for the links. Make sure and check out our new Big 12 neighbors.)

GOLF | Gabby Dominguez and Kim Kaufman are set to start a run for NCAA individual title. Good luck!

FOOTBALL | Per the LAJ, head coach Tommy Tuberville has apparently re-filed a motion to dismiss (I'm guessing it is a motion to dismiss) in the securities lawsuit. This will be denied as well, so don't be surprised if the judge doesn't permit this going forward.