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Red Raider Gridiron | Dustin Walton to Transfer to Texas Tech

Yesterday, New Mexico quarterback Dustin Walton decided to transfer to Texas Tech after completing his freshman season with the Lobos. Walton redshirted last year, will have to sit out all of 2012 and then will have three years of eligibility. I would like to point out something good about this transfer, which is that New Mexico's new head coach Bob Davie could have severely restricted Walton's transfer, but apparently that didn't happen. He may have restricted it from conference opponents, but he very well could have put Texas Tech on the list, which has been an on their schedule for a while. This is a good thing, to allow players to go where they want to go.


Height: 6'4"
Weight: 223 lbs
40-Yard Dash: 5.1 secs
Rivals: 5.5
ESPN: 78


Scouting Report

Walton is a big kid with enough arm to be sufficient in this offense. Walton has nice size, bigger than any other scholarship quarterback on the roster. His high school evaluations are about on par with with Texas Tech recruits, so this isn't a situation where Walton was poorly rated coming out of high school. I think I read an article that said that Davie was moving away from the spread offense and looking to implement more of an offense based on the veer, which is the reason for the transfer. Walton is seemingly running for his life on just about every play as there seems to be a defender in his face all of the time. Walton has a 40-yard dash time of 5.1, but he doesn't look like a bad athlete and if that time is correct, then the fact that Walton was able to pull off a 50 yard romp before being caught makes me pause about the competition that he faced in New Mexico.

Roster Implications

Walton will essentially have the same number of years available as Michael Brewer once Walton is eligible and Brewer already forced the transfer of two quarterbacks as he shot up the depth chart. Still, you never know what can happen as injuries are part of the game and with Walton's transfer, he will immediately add some depth so that if something were to happen to Brewer, the team wouldn't have to rely on Clayton Nicholas, who would be a redshirt freshman, in 2013.