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Weekend Open Thread

This Week on DTN
* Five Statistics that Demonstrated How Awful Texas Tech Basketball Was in 2011-2012
* Texas Tech Football Offseason Theorems | What is Realistic Improvement on Defense
* Gabe Rivera to be Inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame
* Recruiting on the South Plains | Receiver Recruiting Targets
* Five 2012 Defensive Commits That Need to Play and Produce Next Year
* Red Raider Hardball | Texas Tech Hosts Kansas St.
* Recruiting on the South Plains | CB/S Stormy Butler
* Recruiting on the South Plains | CB Darren Dotson

I'll be away from the computer for the weekend, so consider this your open thread to cuss and discuss any and all of the fantastic spring sports that are finishing up their final games, NCAA Tournament Regional tournaments, etc.

I'd also add that this weekend, Texas Tech will have a handful of new graduates, including thirty-four student athletes. Congrats to all those Texas Tech students receiving their diploma this weekend.

And thanks to @RedRaiderClub for the photo of some of those student athletes.

As an aside, I added the table to the right to catch everyone up on what happened on DTN this week, starting from Monday until today. That looks like a busy week so make sure and read anything that you didn't get to read during the week, read the comments and have a great weekend.