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Recruiting on the South Plains | Receiver Recruiting Targets

2013 Texas Tech Football Recruiting
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I've decided to break these up a bit, from those offers where I think there is a realistic opportunity for the player to accept an offer and then those that I think that there's really not much chance at all. And when I say realistic, I'm not intending to mean that a commitment is likely, but rather that I think that Texas Tech has a good opportunity to maybe snag a commitment. Keep in mind that Texas Tech already has commitments from two highly regarded players in WR Dylan Cantrell and WR Devin Lauderdale. Lauderdale is thought of a 4-star player and I think that Cantrell is close to a 4-star player.

As you'll see on the right, I'll try to keep track of recruiting and the various offers that are given, although I expect that this is going to change significantly once the summer camps happen in early June. And just to catch everyone up, Texas Tech will hold camps in the Houston and Dallas areas in June and you would expect that Texas Tech is waiting to hand out more offers once the staff may have had an opportunity to see these players close-up.

As stated before, all of the information was obtained utilizing free services, including 247 Sports, Scout and ESPN. I am not including guys that have already committed to other schools. I tend to think of those as the rare occurrences rather than something that is realistic. I don't have a subscription and a lot of my opinions on whether or not I think a commit is realistic is based on 247 Sports and how they designate the players' interests in the various schools.

Note: Eldridge Massington recently committed to USC, Stanvon Taylor committed to Oklahoma and had offers from Texas Tech, and are not included in this list.

Offered and Realistic Commit

Ra'Shaad Samples (5-11/170) Skyline (Dallas, TX)

Pros: Even if given a 10 yard cushion, Samples routinely out-runs opposing defenders. Due to that cushion, shows the ability to work the intermediate routes. Displays good hands and catches the ball in stride. Makes Devante Kincade better and I'd also bet that Kincade makes Samples better as well. Would love to have this quarterback-receiver combo.

Cons: Might not have the size to be a dominating receiver on the outside and may be better suited to a slot position.

Torii Hunter, Jr. (6-0/170) Prosper (Prosper, TX)

Pros: Displays nice athleticism, adjusts to the ball well. Video clips demonstrate willingness to work the field, including routes underneath. Texas Tech is the lone decent sized program to offer Torii and his brother, Darius.

Cons: Like Samples, has a slight frame, but there is room to grow, especially when you consider his dad, Torii Hunter, is 6-2/225.

Watch more videos of Prosper football

Ty Slanina (6-1/185) East Bernard (East Bernard, TX)

Pros: Slania originally committed to Texas A&M, but things apparently changed. Slania played quarterback for East Bernard, and he's projected as a safety or receiver. Plays some safety and there are highlights on defense. Slania appears to be the East Texas' version of Collin Bowen.

Cons: Not playing at the position that he'll eventually play in college. Will eventually need to add some weight, but still has pretty good size. Can't figure out why he's no longer committed, but this is the sort of athlete that I'd take in a heartbeat.

Robbie Rhodes (6-0/180) Southwest (Ft. Worth, TX)

Pros: Rhodes is a big-time sprinter, is expected to go to the state meet. Ran a 21.14 in the 200 m. Displayed pretty nice ability to start and stop the film exhibits blazing speed. Maybe more than any of the other prospects.

Cons: Again, not ideal size for a wide receiver. There just aren't that many players with the size and speed combination to be a true top flight receiver.

Darius Hunter (5-11/165) Prosper (Prosper, TX)

Pros: Torii has slightly better receiving numbers, but Darius is more of an all-purpose player, catching 38 passes for 611 yards (16.08 YPR) and 8 touchdowns, but he also had 22 carries for 247 yards (11.23 YPC) and 5 touchdowns. Would love to know why Darius isn't getting the attention that Torii is other than Darius is playing in the slot and is not lining up outside.

Cons: A bit smaller than his brother, but most likely has the genes to grow into a bigger frame.

**I also wasn't sure where to add this, but Darius Hunter was arrested earlier this week for sexual assault and is out on bail. His attorney says that he's innocent, I hate to think about how a person's life (Darius or the alleged victim(s)) can be affected by something like this, so I won't make any further comments.

Offered Longshots

I think these are all longshots from what I've read and gathered from around the internets. Rhodes just recently received a Texas offer and is supposedly a heavy Baylor lean, so take that for what it is worth as it does not appear that Rhodes is a realistic option.

Marcell Ateman (6-4/190) Wylie East (Wylie, TX)

Jordan Cunningham (6-1/175) University School of Nova South (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Richard Benjamin (5-11/194) Tampa Bay Tech (Tampa, FL)

Stacy Coley (6-1/173) Northeast (Oakland Park, FL)