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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-04-28

ODDS AND ENDS | All I can say is that this is simply awesomely funny from Black Heart Gold Pants as they preview Iowa's new uniforms. I've included a small preview.

Arbor Day was yesterday and Totally Texas Tech was on the scene.

Un oh . . . some folks' heads might asplode:

Some more of those historic, never seen before, photos of New York City from the Atlantic.

TEXAS TECH SOFTBALL | Yesterday's game was suspended due to rain. Texas Tech was leading 3-1 (official site). The game will resume today and they'll play the second game.

TEXAS TECH BASEBALL | Well, Texas Tech was embarrassed at home by losing to Missouri, 9-0 (official site). LAJ's George Watson recaps the game and reports that no players were made available to the media last night. This thing is going down incredibly fast.

TEXAS TECH BASKETBALL | This is PG Josh Gray tweeting to Texas Tech signee F Wannah Bail:

Maybe next week Gray will make it official by signing a letter of intent next week.

TEXAS TECH FOOTBALL | More photos from Wes. Good to have him in town as it gives me additional content on a slow weekend.