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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-04-26

ODDS AND ENDS | I very much enjoyed SB Nation's Amy Nelson interview with Buzz Bissinger. Bissinger talks a bit about his follow up to Friday Night Lights.

TEXAS TECH TENNIS & GOLF | I know that I don't cover golf and tennis really at all despite those teams having some success this year, in particular the tennis teams. I just have to pick and choose how I spend my time writing about stuff. In any event, the official site has put together a page to follow those sports this weekend, who will be playing in their conference championships.

TEXAS TECH BASEBALL | Sign. Texas Tech was up on New Mexico 13-10 and New Mexico scored 4 runs in the bottom of the 9th to win the game 14-13 (official site). This team scored 22 runs in 2 games against New Mexico, but only mustered only 4 games in 3 games against Oklahoma St. LAJ's George Watson recaps the game. Missouri is up next and LAJ's Watson previews the Tigers.

The official site announced the baseball team's 2012 recruiting class. LAJ's George Watson has a short write-up as well.

RED RAIDER BASKETBALL & LADY RAIDER BASKETBALL | MyWestTexas' Oscar LaRoy has a story on head coaches Billy Gillispie and Kristy Curry's visit to Midland yesterday.

TEXAS TECH FOOTBALL | So yesterday S Austin Stewart was hit by a bus, the bus is worse off than Stewart, who is apparently fine. The DT has the best report, and wanted to highlight this eye-witness account:

"He came out of nowhere," he said. "He cut in front of the bus, the bus driver hit him and the windshield cracked and broke. Everyone was kind of freaking out.Diminture said once the bus driver hit Stewart, the bus driver said, "Oh, s#!t."

Texas Tech signed OL Aleon Calhoun a couple of years ago out of high school, but he didn't qualify academically and Calhoun ended up at Navarro JC. Texas Tech has apparently offered again and Texas Tech as well as Mississippi St. are his two favorites.

OC Neal Brown and DC Art Kaufman were in Midland as well (Tuberville made a video appearance that we'll get to in a second) and MyWestTexas Len Hayward recaps the event. There's a Kaufman quote that I like where he says that you can't ask the players to do something that they can't do. Makes a lot of sense. Tuberville's video message was that Texas Tech would scrimmage in Midland in 2013. We expect a full report from KWash.

Football Study Hall's Bill Connelly has his 2011 running back stats available on the site. Terrific resource.