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Red Raider Gridiron | Quarterback Recruiting Targets for 2013 | Looking for Offers

Last time we met to discuss potential quarterbacks, we just covered the high school quarterbacks that I've been able to determine have offers from Texas Tech. This next handful of players are players that I think might have an excellent chance at receiving an offer in the near future, especially if last year's Dallas area and Houston area are any indication of the staff getting offers to these players they haven't seen in person.

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Devante Kincade (6-2/180) Skyline (Dallas, TX)

Kincade is maybe the most similar to Brewer of the quarterbacks listed. Not the biggest guy and doesn't have the weight that the others have, but Kincade ran for 857 yards last year and passed for 3,270 yards. If I had to guess, I'd guess that the staff is hoping that Kincade makes it to the Dallas area camp so they can see him in person and if he does make it, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he gets an offer after that. Much like Brewer, Kincade produces on the field, but he also wins. Granted, his Skyline teammates are incredibly talented (Rashaad Samples and Texas Tech commit Will Barrow), but Kincade wins and he produces on the field. ESPN did a Q&A with Kincade earlier in the year that's worth a read and Kincade stole the show at the Elite 11 Regional in Dallas.

Collin Bowen (6-4/195) Randall (Amarillo, TX)

This is an interesting one. Bowen is a true dual threat quarterback, I think a more talented runner than a passer, and is maybe a bit overlooked because he was injured, I think after the 8th game of the year. So, in 8 games, Bowen had 888 yards rushing and 1,002 yards passing. I haven't been able to find how many touchdowns Bowen has had, but I'm guessing he was pretty good since Randall was 8-0 heading into that 9th game against Frenship. Bowen broke his collarbone against Frenship (I think) and maybe the reason he isn’t getting as much press is because of that injury. Just watching his film, he's out running opponents and is not afraid to take on defenders. His passing motion is a bit funny, I don't know if it is because he doesn't appear to be standing straight up, or that his throwing motion isn't very fluid, it's a bit too compact. There’s no doubt that the passing part of Bowen’s game needs work, but iIf its me, I offer Bowen today with the thought that he can play multiple spots or develop somewhere else. Bowen played linebacker his sophomore year and this is probably one of those situations, similar to Reginald Davis or Dominique Wheeler, in that because he is the best player on his high school team, he’s playing quarterback.

And because of the transfers of Karam and Young, I'd bet that Texas Tech offers two quarterbacks this year, why not let one of them be a local guy like Bowen that is a terrific athlete and could maybe play multiple positions.

Bowen's film is after the jump as well as a look at Zach Allen and Austin Robinson.

Zach Allen (6-3/185) Temple (Temple, TX)

Allen seems like a Bowen clone or Bowen seems like an Allen clone. Allen is a more accomplished passer, so that may be the difference between the fact that Allen is more well thought of than Bowen, but the other reason why Bowen may not get the publicity is that Bowen is in Amarillo rather than the more centrally located Temple. Allen passed for 1,748 yards and ran for 694 last year as a junior. They both have similar frames and they both run 4.5 40-yard dash times, although Bowen is a bit bigger. I couldn't find any video that I could embed, so you'll have to go to Hudl, but I'm still thinking that Allen and Bowen are more similar than not.

Austin Robinson (6-4/210) Episcopal (Bellaire, TX)

This might be another one where the staff is hoping and waiting on Robinson to make it to the Houston area camp. Robinson is raw, but he’s good and I have no idea as to the quality of competition that Robinson is facing in his district. In any event, Robinson is a bit sloppy with the ball, especially running, but he’s strong, can make a quality throw on the run. He needs to keep the ball up higher and has a tendency to drop the ball a bit towards his chest as he drops back to pass, but I’m very much impressed with his film. I can’t find the article, but I ran across an article from the summer of last year that said that Robinson was only 15 heading into his junior year, so that may make him an incredibly young senior. I’d guess that Robinson didn’t have the best statistics last year, but to be so young and look that good on film is something to consider. I’d also add that there was this bit where Robinson was named to the 2nd team Army All-Combine team in January. I’d bet that as the season moves on, Robinson will be one that pops up a bit more often.