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Red Raider Gridiron | Tuberville Wants Spring Game Versus Other FBS Schools

REAL SPRING OPPONENTS | Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville was on Sirius XM last week and said that he would love for spring games to be against other FBS teams, but it must be within busing distance and that the money goes into a pot and every school splits the money since it would be essentially home-away series. Tuberville suggested that Texas Tech play Arizona St. and said it's only an 8 hour drive . . . I wonder how he knows this fun-fact off the top of his head.

BREWER DIDN'T LIKE THE PROCESS | The AAS is doing a spring tour of all Big 12 teams and today was Texas Tech's turn. Not much new there, but AAS's Kirk Bohls wrote about QB Michael Brewer's decision to make Texas Tech his school of choice. As many of you may know, Texas offered Brewer a grayshirt and that didn't go over so well:

"It was an interesting process. I didn't feel it went all that well," Brewer said during the Red Raiders' spring football period. "I considered it (Texas' grayshirt offer) maybe for a week. But then there were a lot of other schools that wanted me right then."

Brewer, understandably so, liked that Texas Tech wanted him, and not as a grayshirt:

"Texas Tech wanted me a lot more than Texas did," Brewer said. "Tech saw some things in me that Texas didn't see. It's a good situation for me here. I just hope I can bring that winning tradition we had in high school over here."

And maybe the best thing is that fellow QB Seth Doege thinks that Brewer is significantly ahead of where he was at the same age as Brewer:

Brewer is "going to be a great player," Doege said. "If you compare him to where I was as a freshman, he's so much further along than I was. You never want a backup to gain an advantage on you, but whatever helps the team. I've tried to take him under my wing as a little brother."

LANCASTER IS THANKFUL LAJ's Adam D. Young (warning: video auto-play) talked to some of the Lancaster residents after the football team helped deliver supplies last weekend before the Easter holiday. Young also notes, which I had not noted before, that Texas Tech signee LaDarius Newbold's grandmother's house was severely damaged. I don't think I knew that. Anyway, it's a good story, with video, and here's a bit:

Team members Seth Doege, Trent Williams, Justin Keown and Jakeem Grant walked through yards and streets littered in rubble and offered their assistance.

"They came up and asked me if we needed help," Garza said, trying to describe his disbelief. "I said ‘Yeah, well why not?’ "

He knew of Lubbock and Texas Tech from the brief time in his youth when he picked cotton in Lubbock County, he said.

Having lived in Lancaster for nearly 20 years, Garza said he didn’t expect to see Red Raiders or Lubbockites again.