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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-04-10

ODDS AND ENDS | We've got recruiting profiles on S Jordan Sterns scheduled for today and WR Dylan Cantrell on Thursday. I think I'll be caught up after that.

TEXAS TECH SOFTBALL | DT's Matt Villanueva has a good profile of junior college transfer DH Adriana Perez:

In his first year of coaching Tech, Shanon Hays caught word of Adriana Perez when she was playing in her first year at Antelope Valley, from family friend Brad Pickler — who happened to be the head coach of a rival junior college.

"He played against Adriana (Perez)," Hays said, "and I said ‘Have you seen any girls out there who can help us?’ and he said, ‘There’s this girl over here at Antelope Valley College that can really just swing it, she had a couple of home runs against us and I’m really impressed with her.’"

Hays and assistant coach Kristie Fox both traveled to California to scout her, liked what they saw and immediately began recruiting her. Adriana Perez committed early and chose Tech instead of other schools such as Missouri and Cal Poly because she liked what direction Hays was trying to take the program.

This is a good article, check it out.

TEXAS TECH BASEBALL | As always, LAJ's George Watson comes through with a good assessment of the team and where the team sits at this point of the year. Here's a bit:

This team is what it is, and right now this team is three games above .500 overall, six games under in conference play, and off to its worst start in Big 12 or Southwest Conference action since 1980. Tech has not lost five straight series to start a conference season since 1968, Kal Segrist’s first year.

We could all sit here and think of sunshine and lollipops and that things will get better, and in terms of opponents for the final 21 games of the year, it certainly could. But the Red Raiders have their own internal demons which must be exorcised, and now.

The Williams and Hyatt Show talked with CF Barrett Barnes. I didn't get the time to listen to this audio this morning.

TEXAS TECH FOOTBALL | Good stuff about QB Michael Brewer and the progress he made over the spring:

The Williams and Hyatt Show had on WR Alex Torres to talk about helping the tornado victims in Lancaster. Give it a listen as Alex battles the wind and the golfing.'s Will McKay writes about how signee LaDarius Newbold appreciates what the team did in traveling to Lancaster to help out his home town:

"It felt good to have support from Texas Tech. For my future teammates to come down to my hometown with what they did, they didn't have to do that. It shows the character of the coaches and players for them to come down there and come help, it's just amazing."

The Lancaster corner enjoyed getting to spend some time with his friends, coaches, and future colleagues and Lubbock.

"I just kind of talked to them. They just told me they wanted to talk to me. We were just talking about what had gone on as far as weather, and then plans for next year. Just talking."'s Mike Huguenin writes about six defensive coordinators that have pressure to produce and on the list is DC Art Kaufman. I'd agree, Kaufman has to produce and make a difference.

These aren't really related to Texas Tech, but more about college football. Sporting News' Matt Hayes writes about the mess that Urban Meyer left Florida football and from Friends of the Program, Bobby Petrino may be full of it.