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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-03-09

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ODDS AND ENDS | Earlier this week I posted a video of a commercial for Dollar Shave Club and it turns out that the actor in the video is the founder and CEO and shot the whole video for $4,500.

There will be a baseball post and a profile on Texas Tech's newest basketball commit, F Aaron Ross, later this morning. Stay tuned.

Also earlier this week, I pulled back the curtain to discuss why the logo on DTN has changed and some of you suggested that this may be selective enforcement since it appears that the company that represents Texas Tech, the Collegiate Licensing Company, doesn't appear to be enforcing the various uses of "double t" by other businesses. So let's just assume that it is true and the CLC and TTU are selectively enforcing this, it certainly does make sense. One of the things that I like about DTN is that I'll let you speak your mind for the most part, but by giving that forum, it may have come with a price, which is the fact that the CLC and TTU won't budge on allowing me to utilize the name Double-T Nation on any products for sale. Maybe something to just keep in mind that when you think that speaking your mind and saying the things that you want to say (for the most part) about the administration, then there is a real possibility that the cease and desist letter I received from the CLC was punitive because of the way I run the site. Again, I'm at peace with that thought and maybe this is just the tradeoff that I have to accept in order to run DTN like I want to run the site, but for every action, there can be a positive or negative reaction and when we think that we can say whatever we want, well . . . that may be true, but it may come with a price.

LADY RAIDER BASKETBALL | It seems doubtful that Texas Tech will earn an NCAA spot with a blowout loss to Baylor yesterday afternoon. LAJ's David Just recaps the game and please scroll down to read RndRckTTU's coverage.

TEXAS TECH SOFTBALL | The softball team has moved some games around with the weekend series with New Mexico and will play a double-header on Saturday (official site). DT's Matt Villanueva writes about how the bats went cold in Austin and head coach Shanon Hays says that the pitching is better, but the offense has been too quiet:

"It’s kind of a catch-22," he said. "You’re happy about your pitching and at the same time you’re not satisfied with where you’re at as far as your team is scoring runs, and that’s been really different for us this year because we’ve put up so many runs the previous two years."

TEXAS TECH TRACK AND FIELD | A handful of student athletes travel to Boise, Idaho for the NCAA Indoor Championships. LAJ's Don Williams and the DT's Mike Gutierrez write about the trip and these athletes.