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WBB: Lady Raiders lose to Baylor 72-48

The Lady Raiders had as bad an afternoon, as they had a good night last night.

Last night they could not be beat. They plugged away and hit shot after shot and crushed the Longhorns. This afternoon they went cold in their shots for over 10 minutes in the 1st half of play. They just never were able to make up the distance on Baylor after that and lost 72-48 in the 2nd Round of the Big 12 Tournament.

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(My MVP pick, Stats, Quotes and is there still an issue with Mallard) ....

I am hoping that the Lady Raiders take the NIT by storm and win every game in that tournament.

For me the MVP for this season is Monique Smalls. She started every game and she always played hard and when you watched her she was always out to make something happen and to win. She made baskets, assists, got the most steals in the Big 12 and she never seemed to have a bad game.

Q. Mo, can you talk about the season as a whole here? You guys had the two wins in the last week here. A little momentum. You guys are going to have a postseason. What's the takeaway of the season? What do you guys want to see over the next few weeks?

MONIQUE SMALLS: "We took away. We're going to learn, see what we did wrong. Work on things we need to work on during the week or whatever. And for postseason, it's the championship. It's not the championship that we wanted, but it's the championship that right now we're put in, and we're going to try to get it."

Based on the last question asked and the response from Coach Curry, I believe there is still an issue surrounding Kierra Mallard.

Q. Kierra played one minute in the second half, Kierra had two good games coming into this. What did you see from her tonight?

COACH CURRY: "I'm sorry. What was that? "

Q. Kierra played one minute in the second half. She had two good games going into this. What did you see from her tonight?

COACH CURRY: "We just went with a different lineup. Coach's decision. "

Player Points Rebounds Steals
Monique Smalls 11 2 0
Casey Morris 9 0 6
Kelsi Baker 8 9 0
Shauntal Nobles 7 6 0
Chynna Brown 4 4 3
Amber Battle 4 1 0
Jordan Barncastle 3 2 0
Ebony Walker 2 1 0
Kierra Mallard 0 5 0
Mary Bokenkamp 0 0 0

% 1st Half 2nd Half Tech Ttl 1st Half 2nd Half Baylor Ttl
FG% 18.50% 32.40% 26.60% 61.50% 44.00% 52.90%
3-Pt FG% 16.70% 25.00% 21.40% 66.70% 60.00% 62.50%
FT% 83.3% 75.0% 78.6% 100.0% 87.5% 92.90%

Stats Tech Baylor
Points in the paint 18 32
Points off turnovers 8 30
2nd chance points 16 8
Fast break points 2 2
Bench points 14 19
Last FG 2nd-00:25 2nd-03:56
Largest lead by 2 1st-19:24 by 35 2nd-08:17