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Red Raider Gridiron | Texas Tech Football Spring Practice Breaks for Spring Break

SPRING BREAK | Yesterday was the last day before the spring break and practice will pick up the week of the scrimmage, which is set for March 24th. LAJ's Don Williams has a notebook from yesterday, so go check it out. Also make sure and check out The Williams and Hyatt Show at practice yesterday. I enjoyed listening and I thought that the most interesting thing was that Hyatt asked Don what type of defensive coverage DC Art Kaufman is running in the secondary, in particular if it just a standard cover-2, and Don said that the defense is running a handful of different coverages and mixing it up quite a bit. If the defense can master this then I really hold out hope that the defense will be better as I think that being adept at mixing coverages and doing it well can be a significant advantage for a defense.

PRACTICE REPORT |'s Joe Yeager has a practice report from yesterday and it's quite detailed. I think you'll enjoy this as well. Yeager notes that the offense won the day the last two practices, so that's somewhat encouraging if you were concerned about the offense. I won't get into all of the notes, but Yeager has some good things to say about the linebackers and he also says that the defense blitzed about 60% of the time yesterday. Here's the bit about the linebackers:

Some Nice Signs from the Linebackers: Art Kaufman’s linebackers did some good things. Sam Eguavoen had his best workout of the spring. He was particularly good in pass coverage where his speed and athleticism come to the fore. Eguavoen has excellent range and can actually cover receivers deep.

Blake Dees was very active against the run.

Pete Robertson gives every indication of being a far more physical player than his 215 pounds would suggest. The same goes for Chris Payne.

And Justin Cooper was all over the field. He blitzed very effectively indeed.

Go read the whole thing.

OC NEAL BROWN | Yesterday OC Neal Brown tweeted that these guys had good days:

Raider289 also posted this yesterday, but I would also encourage you to check out the RaiderPower episode on OC Brown talking about what he wants to emphasize this spring. You can tell that OC Brown is from a family of teachers as he emphasizes the thought that he needs to teach visually and by speaking to the team about what he wants to emphasize and at the beginning of the video he emphasizes the thought that college football is a bottom line business and at the end of the season last year this was a 5-7 team that needs to improve. I do like OC Brown and although he has his faults (who doesn't) I think he's good at his job.

HUNTER'S KIDS |'s Mike Graham has a story on the fact that Texas Tech has offered both kids of MLB's Torii Hunter, Torii Hunter, Jr. and Darius Hunter. It appears that Texas Tech has offered both players, which may be an advantage for Texas Tech. I have a hard time keep track of who is being offered or not offered, but it you are into this sort of thing, you'll enjoy this.