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WBB: Lady Raiders beat K-State 64-63

The Lady Raiders struggled in the 1st half and at one point were down by 17 points but they rallied and ended the 1st half down by 6 points with the last score coming from Mary Bokenkamp with a 3-pointer.

Tech made adjustments and came out of the locker room a motivated team. I am not sure what was said or done but it needs to happen in each and every game because the Lady Raiders came out in the 2nd half and went on a 36-11 run and went ahead by 12 points.

They were on FIRE and were clicking on all cylinders. IMO, they have not played this well since the Baylor game in Waco. The only down side in the 2nd half was that their shooting went cold in the final minutes of the game. Tech's last FG was at the 3:20 mark. That left a door open for K-State and they almost made it but came up short. The Lady Raiders had a number of stops on K-State in those last few moments but the final score was only a 1 point difference.

If the Lady Raiders can play each game the way they did in the first 3/4 of the 2nd half of this game, they are unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with.

Next week, in the Big 12 tournament, I am hoping they play like they did tonight.

If they play focused, aggressive, cohesively and smart they will go far in the Big 12 tourney and hopefully get an invite to the Big Dance (NCAA).

Wonderfull and Exciting execution by these athletes tonight !!!

Wreck ‘Em !!!

Shauntal Nobles 16 pts 8 rbnds
Monique Smalls 15 pts 6 rbnds 6 steals
Kierra Mallard 15 pts 6 rbnds 2 steals and 1 block
Mary Bokenkamp 8 pts 1 rbnd
Chynna Brown 4 pts 6 rbnds
Casey Morris 4 pts 3 rbnds 1 block and steal
Jordan Barncastle 2 pts 2 rbnds

FG% Tech 50.90% . K-State 46%
3-Pt FG% Tech 33.30% . K-State 35.30%
FT% Tech 40% . K-State 57.90%
Rebounds Tech 37 (9/28) . K-State 26 (4/22)
Blocks Tech 3 . K-State 0
Steals Tech 9 . K-State 6
Assists Tech 16 . K-State 15
Turnovers Tech 18 . K-State 14

Assist/TO Ratio Tech 0.9 . K-State 1.1
Pts Off Turnovers Tech 12 . K-State 10
Pts in the Paint Tech 38 . K-State 28
Bench Points Tech 23 . K-State 11