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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-03-28

ODDS AND ENDS | Totally Texas Tech with some fantastic spring photos.

TEXAS TECH SOFTBALL | Son of a gun, six home runs leads to Texas Tech beating Midwestern State 10-2 (official site). Adriana Perez hit two of those six home runs and LAJ's David Just and the DT's Matt Villanueva talk with Perez and here's a bit from the LAJ and DT article:

"I’ve played the game so much that I’ve read the pitchers — especially being a catcher," she said. "I’ve read how they’re going to do it. I just go up there, stay confident and find my own pitch and know that once it goes in my zone, then I’m going to swing at it."

TEXAS TECH BASEBALL | Sigh. Texas Tech loses to New Mexico State 6-7 (official site) and it's not good. At the baseball game I realized why Jamadrock McGruder played in right field because he's a butcher at second base, but with Reid and Eureste out for the year this is your only option unless one of the first basemen figure out how to play the infield. Shane Broyles is really struggling and it wouldn't surprise me to see Broyles relegated to mop-up duty. I am glad that David Paiz didn't start because that means he might get the start on Sunday. LAJ's George Watson and DT's Matt Winegarner and this bit is from the LAJ:

"It’s a frustrating game," head coach Dan Spencer said. "If we play clean and drive in runs at third with less than one out ,we’ve got a 4-5 run lead in the ninth and maybe the outcome is different. We’re in a position where sometimes it seems like ... we talk more about the things we can’t do or the things we need to do — throwing strikes, making the routine play, getting an out on a bunt, being situational in hitting with men on third and less than two outs. But we’ll keep talking about those areas."

TEXAS TECH FOOTBALL | LAJ's Don Williams re-published his article on the running backs (I think he published this initially after the spring game) that per OC Neal Brown, RB Eric Stephens is ahead of RB DeAndre Washington in recovering from their knee injuries:

"It’s positive," Brown said. "I’m optimistic, more so than I really expected to be on Eric. He’s even a little bit ahead of DeAndre right now, with a more severe injury."

And Williams tweeted that the order going into the summer is Stephens, Kenny Williams, Washington, Sadale Foster and Ronnie Daniels:

The Williams and Hyatt Show continues their run through the two-deep and this time it's the bestest debate . . . quarterbacks.