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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-03-20

ODDS AND ENDS | Get your palm pilot out and schedule an appointment with DTN where myself and Dan Swany talk about the players currently on the roster and break down who will likely be back on the basketball team. I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Dan for all of the hard work that he did this year. I thought he did a fantastic job and there's no doubt that he has a passion for Texas Tech basketball.

I didn't want to put this on the football portion, so here we go. LAJ's Brittany Hoover is reporting the following:

Court documents show Tuberville as more of an investor and silent partner, and Stroud as someone playing up his relationship with the then-head coach for Auburn University to get money from prospective investors.

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Myron H. Thompson ordered the two legal sides to expedite the exchange of information between themselves before an April 3 hearing in U.S. District Court in Montgomery, Ala.

The commission wants an accounting of all assets and property controlled by Stroud, and until that time, all assets frozen and no trading by Stroud in any of his companies. Also, the commission is seeking penalties for violating its rules.

A week ago, Thompson froze Stroud’s assets.

Interesting that the court froze Stroud's assets and not Tuberville's. That in itself isn't a ruling in any form or fashion, but it does appear that although by title, Tuberville was a "managing partner", it's seemingly Stroud doing all of the heavy lifting. Time will tell and this is still in its preliminary stage, but it doesn't appear that Tuberville was the "bad guy" here.

TEXAS TECH SOFTBALL | DT's Matt Villanueva writes about the softball team's 9-0 record during spring break:

Tech has also seemed to find a consistent groove at bat, averaging 7.8 runs per game, while outscoring its nine opponents 71-19 during the win streak.

"It was a good precursor going in," said associate head coach Aly Sartini. "We are hitting conference coming up pretty hard, so it was a good confidence booster for us heading into conference play."

LADY RAIDER BASKETBALL | Per the official site, the Lady Raiders will take on San Diego on Thursday night, tip-off is at 7:00 pm. The athletic department is letting in the first 1,000 students in for free and tickets are $6.00 for reserved seating and $4.00 for everything else.

TEXAS TECH BASEBALL | DT's Brett Winegarner writes about the baseball team's struggles against TCU and Baylor. Here's head coach Dan Spencer:

"The message is, win or lose, we re-evaluate everything at the end of the weekend, so we’ve got some things to do," he said. "We need to reevaluate some of the roles of our pitching. Re-evaluate where we play some certain people."

And pitcher Rusty Shellhorn says that this is a talented team:

"In my four years of college baseball, I think this is the most talented team that we’ve had — that I’ve been a part of I mean," he said. "I think we’re going to be all right. We’re going to keep pressing and keeping playing ball the way we know how to play. We made some mistakes this weekend, but we’re going to clean it up and we’re going to be all right."

I'm very interested who Spencer names as the starters for the week and weekend series.

TEXAS TECH FOOTBALL | The Williams and Hyatt Show's Ryan Hyatt is attempting to go through the ultimate 2-deep, which is the best two players at each position in Texas Tech's history. Go get 'em.

I forgot to bookmark S Cody Davis website, so I went to his Twitter page hoping that he'd have a link on his bio (he did) and then he had re-Tweeted this bit from CB Junior Osunde on the top of his timeline:

Positivity folks.

In Davis' Student of the Game he gives his thoughts on the defense from the second scrimmage (I meant to post this a week and a half ago, but I forgot) and he said that the defense needs to tackle better:

Scrimmage #2 was a bend but not break performance. Overall, the defense did not give up a touchdown unless the drive started in the red-zone. However, we did give up a ton of yardage on long drives and our tackling was not as crisp as the first scrimmage. This has a little to do with fatigue and more to do with a lack of focus. There was definitely a fatigue difference between having one or two days of practice off before a scrimmage. In either case, there was better competition between offense and defense resulting in a back and forth battle. Coach Kaufman was pleased with effort and holding the offense to minimal points, but disappointed with the long drives and run tackling.

Davis also writes about how the team watches film on each player and breaks down when that player does something right and when they do something wrong. Davis also has "Ask An Athlete" and he is asked questions about different things. The one thing that I'm curious about, is whether or not Kaufman is running an over or under front with the 4-3 or is he running both. Also curious about the type of coverage we can expect in the secondary..