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Texas Tech Basketball Trending


Big 12 Tournament | I know we all wished for a nice run in the Big 12 Tournament, but not a lot of people thought that it was possible. We tried against Oklahoma State and came up short as we did all season. OSU went up early in the game and never looked back as they cruised to victory over us. We played the game as we did against all the Big 12 teams this season, as hard as the team could but we were just outmatched against the Cowboys.

Turnovers | Another 18 turnover game for us against Oklahoma State in the tournament game didn’t help our chances of winning. We finished the season as ranked #5 in the nation in turnovers per game with 17.1. If we are going to have any chances to win more games in the conference next year this part of our game has to get better. You cannot win games if you are giving the ball away a bunch more than your opponents.

Fouls | We had 18 fouls against Oklahoma State and sent them to the line 16 times. They made every one of their free throw shots. We finished the year as ranked #12 in fouls per game at 21.2. Another thing that we need to work on if we are going to win more games next year is this category. You cannot beat a team if you are sending them to the charity stripe to get free uncontested points against all night long.

3-Point Shooting | All year I had been waiting for a guy to emerge as the deep threat on our team. There was no one consistent guy each game, sometimes Willis or someone would get hot. Against Oklahoma State we went 4 for 17 from downtown. I know we have Dusty Hannahs coming to us next year, and maybe he can be that guy that steps up as the deep threat. But, if we keep running the same offensive strategy we had been all this season, we really need a consistent guard to keep the defense stretched out to extend outside the arc for the game.

Rebounds | A good thing we did against OSU is outrebound them nicely for the game. We had 33 rebounds to their 21, and we got 11 offensive boards. With getting that many second chances at points on offense we should have taken advantage of it more, instead we only had 6 second chance points all game. I didn’t think we had a problem in our post play this season, or at least nearly as much as our guard play. We just need a true center that can compete with the quickness and strength of the 5-man spot that the other Big 12 teams have.