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SB Nation Wisdom of the Crowds on Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Tourney Pick'Em

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SB Nation is giving you the opportunity to join the SB Nation Wisdom of the Crowds on Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Tourney Pick'Em. First things, first, if you are at all like me, you like to check out the link that you're going to and so you put your mouse over it and hover over it to check it out. You are right, the link says "ad" and "doubleclick" and stuff like that. Looks suspicious. Well, I can assure you that it is safe, but that link is the best way for us (SBN) to see if you all are actually going to Yahoo! Fantasy Sports through this post. Again, I've clicked on this link 1,000,000 times (not really) and each time, it's been safe, so rest assured my friends, I would not lead you astray.

So now that you're going to join SB Nation's group, you need to know how to pick games and as you all know I have an awesome track record of picking games and so I'm here to help.

1. Pick Syracuse and Kentucky: These have been the best two teams in the country this year and it hasn't been all that close. Sure, you could argue a bit about the quality of opponent, but these two teams have been good, even with Syracuse's loss in the Big East Tournament. It would be incredibly easy for you to just pick the best two teams and coast your way to a win. This is the easy part, picking the two best teams, but there are a lot of other games to pick.

2. Pick the Best Team: This is incredibly easy to do, right? You've watched all of this regular season basketball, you totally know why a team is seeded higher than another? Well, if you haven't been following along this can be an incredibly tough task and so I'm here to help again. One of the best analytical basketball sites out there is a site called KenPom. I used to link to this all of the time, but then they started a subscription fee to look at anything other that the rankings on the front page. You also know that I'm incredibly cheap and refuse to pay for subscriptions, but you can still check out KenPom's ratings and just figure out which has the best team according to his rankings.

3. Pick Teams with Good Players: Most of the time, the better teams have the better players, but then that means you need to pick teams with the best players and how do you know who the best players are? Well, you can go to NBA draft sites like Draft Express or for an indication. Keep in mind though that a lot of these projections are based on potential and not production, but these are the experts and they most likely study this a lot more than you study these players.

4. Pick a Cindarella: It's always fun to pick a team that comes out of no where to go fairly deep in the NCAA Tournament. The last two years it's been Butler, but Butler will most likely not make the NCAA Tournament this year so you need to pick a team that you really don't have a clue about, because you are not exactly spending your Wednesday evening watching Mississippi Valley Conference basketball. Again, check out KenPom to find a team that is seemingly unknown, but is doing well. Also don't be afraid to pick a college that may be well known, Colorado for example, but hasn't done much, if anything in the NCAA Tournament in years. But you should just pick one Cindarella as you don't want to have your entire bracket tank when you pick Belmont and Murray State to win it all.

5. Read and Study: This is nothing more that SB Nation self-promotion, but I don't care. If you don't know a lot about these basketball teams then check out SB Nation's College Basketball and Searching For Billy Edelin. Both are excellent resources. But I know what you're going to say, you're all growns up and you don't like to study or read as reading is for losers, I understand, then go back to #2.

6. Pick Teams Based for Nonsensical Reason: This is somewhat a fad, but some folks pick their NCAA brackets based on mascots or some other nonsensical reason. Again, if you're struggling with the #8 and #9 matchup, then sure, pick the better mascot or pick the team that if forced to pick between the locales, where would you want to live. This is always, yes always, good times.

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