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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-02-29

ODDS AND ENDS | SB Nation is launching a YouTube channel , which means that some day you may see me on YouTube talking about the sports. Go check it out.

I'm putting this at the top because it's really good, but this is an excellent explanation from MGoBlog's Seth about various offenses (Manball, West Coast, Air-Raid, and the Option) and the defense generally utilized to stop that offense. This is really fantastic and it's not incredibly deep, but it's better than anything I've written.

LADY RAIDER BASKETBALL | This is senior night as the Lady Raiders take on the Oklahoma Sooners at 7:00 pm at the United Spirit Arena. LAJ's David Just has an article on F Jordan Barncastle and that she expects tonight to be emotional, but wants to end on a high:

"Nobody wants to go out on a low," Barncastle said. "Whether it’s three years left, two games left or whatever you have, nobody wants to end the season on a loss or go out wondering what might have been. I think that’s where we are now and where I am personally, just leaving it all on the floor and knowing that I’ve done the absolute best I can every single day."

Just also writes that it appears that Kierra Mallard, also a senior, remains suspended and head coach Kristy Curry would not say whether or not she would play tonight.

DT's Chois Woodman also writes about senior night and Curry still have hopes to make the NCAA tournament:

"There’s a lot that can still happen," she said. "Not only that, but I don’t think that we think we’re out of the NCAA tournament because I’m going to wake up planning to go win that tournament."

TEXAS TECH BASEBALL | ESPN's Eric Sorenson gives a quick shout-out to Texas Tech for their outstanding weekend:

Texas Tech: Sweeping through the field in their own Brooks Wallace Classic, the Raiders beat St. John's twice and Northern Illinois three times. At 8-1, Tech is now ranked in one of the major polls for the first time since March 2005.

Baby steps.

TEXAS TECH FOOTBALL | First and foremost, LAJ's Don Williams has a story on the passing of Texas Tech Hall of Famer and former football player James Sides. Condolences to the family.

I've got an update on the Tuberville fraud lawsuit scheduled for later this morning.

The official site has a Q&A with LB Will Smith and here's a bit:

Texas Tech Athletics Communications: What are some of the biggest challenges you're facing transitioning from a junior college to Division I has to be a big jump for you.
WS: From the junior college I came from, it was very competitive. We were undefeated this past year. Everybody was competitive, so it's the same mentality here, except there's just a lot bigger and stronger guys, and they're faster, too. So I'm just trying to get into the right mentality, and make a play every single day.

LAJ's Don Williams writes about the release of season ticket prices and they've generally remained about the same, although there are some significant increases. I can't comment much about this so I won't.