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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-02-25

ODDS AND ENDS | The Atlantic has before and after photos from the Japan tsunami and it's pretty amazing to see the differences.

SB Nation's Jeff Sullivan has the longest home runs of 2011 and there are GIF's.

LADY RAIDER BASKETBALL | RndRckTTU has you covered for today's game against Texas A&M. Tip-off is at 7:00 pm. I wanted to link to the story from LAJ's David Just, who reported that athletic director Kirby Hocutt said that head coach Kristy Curry would be back next year:

"We’re not in an ideal position," Hocutt said of the program, "but Kristy has my confidence and trust. Kristy is our basketball coach and will continue to be our basketball coach. She is going to be our basketball coach next year."

Not exactly inspiring words.

TEXAS TECH SOFTBALL | Two more wins, a 6-0 win against Texas St. and a 10-0 win against North Texas. After starting a little slow, I think even losing the first four games, the softball team is 9-4. Two more games today, UTEP first and then SFA later today.

TEXAS TECH BASEBALL | The baseball team beat a ranked St. John's team, 4-1 (official site) and I've updated Friday's baseball post. You can also check out LAJ's George Watson's recap.

TEXAS TECH BASKETBALL | The men take on the Longhorns at 3:00 pm this afternoon. DTN's preview was posted yesterday.

There's so much more after the jump including more men's basketball and football notes that will make your pants go crazy.

LAJ's Nick Kosmider writes about the offense needing to step up, specifically referencing the long scoring drought during the Iowa St. game. Here's head coach Billy Gillispie and F Jaye Crockett:

"When you get close to the basket, you have to finish plays," Gillispie said. "We have to be much better in the paint. If you don't get a bucket, then you should definitely be going to the line for two shots, and we haven't been doing that at all."

Crockett said the Red Raiders also have to do a better job of recognizing players who are shooting well and get them the ball in situations where the offense is struggling. To wit, Ty Nurse scored 15 points on 6 of 9 shooting in the first half against Iowa State, but he didn't score in the second, attempting only four shots — though some of the that credit goes to Iowa State, which often used two defenders on Nurse in the second half.

"We really didn't focus on getting him shots like we should have," Crockett said. "That could have helped up in the second half, too, if we got him hot."

TEXAS TECH FOOTBALL | Head coach Tommy Tuberville was on with Double T 104.3's The Morning Drive and here's my non-transcript:

More depth, little short in defensive line, and J.J. Loller and Anthony Smith will help us there and we had a tough time stopping the run, the offensive line is a little deeper. RT LeRaven Clark is at right tackle and RG Terry McDaniel is at right guard, Clark will be an All-American before he leaves here. Has good body control. Learning to run the ball more physical, really liked IR/RB Sadale Foster running the ball, he looks like a Barry Sanders and a bowling ball when he runs the ball. Been a great addition. Mentions WR Javon Bell, OL Rashad Fortenberry and LB Chris Payne. Will practice for 30 to 40 minutes and then scrimmage for 80 to 100 plays with referees.

Was watching with offensive line coach Chris Thomsen and just watching TE Jace Amaro and he's light years ahead, should have redshirted, his blocking is about average, he's going to be a great receiver, but needs to be a physical blocker to take a step up and that's happening.

Will see more quickness and speed on the field. Running the ball and stopping the run, less passes than anyone else in the league and it was because we couldn't stop the run. For QB Michael Brewer tomorrow will be a coming out party, can give us some help next year. QB Seth Doege started off well, a little hard to tell with the wind, Brewer is a guy for the next three years, and will put him in the game to run the football, will help be a two dimensional team.

LB Pete Robertson best athlete on defense? LB Will Smith is, but Pete has the best upside, great body for outside linebacker, but doesn't know how to play it just yet. Will Smith has the experience and he can run and looks like a linebacker and will help, he's #50, because of his experience.

S/WR Shawn Corker will go back to receiver because WR Eric Ward and WR Marcus Kennard are out, don't know where he's going to end up, will be tough to get him on the field with the depth, would like to see what he can do on a couple of series on defense.

Field goals and punting before scrimmage.

Need to get film and teach what they're doing right and wrong, mostly looking at effort, not expecting perfection on either side, but will set the tone where people practice from the spring.

Pretty interesting stuff, especially the idea that Brewer will get playing time this year, most likely in running situations. Sounded like this is still Doege's job, but Brewer will get some snaps at quarterback.

LAJ's Don Williams profiles LB Pete Robertson:

Robertson has a chance to make hay the next few weeks. Junior Terrance Bullitt is the projected starter at strong-side linebacker. With Bullitt limited to no-contact work after offseason shoulder surgery, Robertson has gotten to run with the first team throughout the first four workouts.

Tech coach Tommy Tuberville said sessions such as today’s scrimmage are important for Robertson, Blake Dees and Sam Eguavoen, linebackers who all signed in 2011.

Asked whether Robertson has found a home at linebacker, Tuberville said, "I hope so. It’s yet to be determined. You can go out there and line up and run around when everything’s kind of three-quarter speed, but when you toss the ball up on the scrimmage, that’s when they show up. Sam and Pete and Blake Dees have really learned a lot, but they really need a good spring practice."

I very much enjoyed this article.