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WBB: Tech falls to Kansas 69-64

I can't figure this team out, last Saturday night they went head-to-head with Baylor, the #1 team in the country. They came so very, very close to winning that game. That team from Saturday night should be the #2 team in the Big 12 and beat all of the other teams but time and time again they struggle and they take bad shots at baskets and lose games. Final Score: Tech 64 Kansas 69.

On a night when Tech could have moved up in the Big12 standings with a win over Kansas and with Baylor beating UT and OSU facing K-State tomorrow night, the Lady Raiders took a wrong turn again and came up short. They have improved on their FT% and they had more rebounds then KU but they had a number of messy attempts on the basket and they let KU control the floor.

Chynna Brown 21 pts and 5 rebounds

Jordan Barncastle 9 pts and 3 rebounds

Monique Smalls 12 pts and 5 rebounds

Casey Morris 5 pts and 1 rebound

Shauntal Nobles 2 pts and 1 rebound

Christina Hyde 4 pts and 3 rebounds

Kierra Mallard 8 pts and 9 rebounds

Kelsi Baker 3 pts and 2 rebounds


FG% Tech 41.8% . Kansas 49.2%

3-Pt FG% Tech 16.7% . Kansas 50 %

FT% Tech 77.3% . Kansas 40 %


Pts off Turnovers: Tech 8 . Kansas 18

2nd Chance points: Tech 17 . Kansas 9

Pts in the Paint: Tech 34 . Kansas 34