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Red Raider Gridiron | Texas Tech Football | The Day After National Signing Day

I'm running incredibly short on time today and will have more tomorrow and this weekend on recruiting and everything else. You somewhat see folks complaining about how signing day is a busy day, but it's also incredibly busy if blogging is your second job and you put in nine hours at your other job. I know, you all feel incredibly sorry for me.

I did want to put a couple of things on the front page, and it's something that I posted in a FanShot yesterday afternoon, which is that offensive line coach has decided to join Mike Sherman in Miami and I can't really blame Turner for taking a job in the NFL. FootballScoop posted yesterday that they expect former Abilene Christian head coach Chris Thomsen to be named today:

Texas Tech: Sources close to the program confirming to us that they expect Chris Thomsen to join the staff replacing Jim Turner. Thomsen is the former Abilene Christian head coach who in December accepted a position on Todd Graham's staff at Arizona State.

If anyone is not familiar with Thomsen, he was responsible for turning around ACU and into a Division II national power and scoring machine (see Wikipedia). In December, Thomsen was named to Todd Graham's coaching staff at Arizona St. and I'm sure that Graham will have no problem with a coach leaving before a job is completed and resigning via text. Thomsen is expected to be named today.

I also wanted wanted to point you to head coach Tommy Tuberville's NSD press conference transcript (PDF). There's eight pages of quotes from Tuberville so I'm sure that you can find something that will interest you and feel free to post those things in the comments. The official site has links to where you can re-watch the video from yesterday and although I haven't had time to watch the video from yesterday I plan on doing that tonight and over the weekend. The LAJ has a bunch of stuff, including some videos of their own.

SB Nation's Bud Elliott has a national recap and takes the average of all of the rankings of all of the services and writes that Texas Tech ended up with the #27 #24 ranked class, which sounds about right. I've also been trying to find your typical "winners and losers" from NSD and only found one from CBS Sports, where they had this to say about Texas Tech who is #winning:

WINNER: Tommy Tuberville

Texas Tech went out and, quietly, pulled in one of the better classes in the Big 12. In fact, depending on which recruiting service you fancy, the Red Raiders trailed only Texas and Oklahoma in overall quality this season. While four-star receivers Reginald Davis and Dominique Wheeler are the flashier commits, I feel the best sign for Tech's future is the fact that at least 15 of its 26 commits will play on the defensive side of the ball. We already know Texas Tech can light up a scoreboard, but until it starts playing better on defense, it won't be able to win consistently. Recruiting classes like this one will go a long way to making that happen.

Last, but certainly not least, does anyone remember Disco Tech? Well, they're back, have upgraded to Wordpress, and now run under the name bass boat glitter. Go give them a visit.