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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-02-11

ODDS AND ENDS | This is essentially going to be an audio edition of the DTN DD. I'm also not going to get to do any sort of preview for tonight's basketball game, but I will have an open thread going up at 6:00 pm.

SB Nation's Jeff Sullivan has extreme home runs. If you like baseball, you will like this (am looking directly at KWash and Tech92).

TEXAS TECH BASEBALL | You can listen to head coach Dan Spencer with 104.3's The Morning Drive. I enjoyed this. LAJ's George Watson writes about some of the newcomers on the baseball team and the annual alumni game and old-timers game are today (official site details). Watson notes that there will be at least two newcomers, at shortstop and in right field and here's head coach Dan Spencer:

Spencer has veterans throughout his lineup, in the field and on the pitching staff, so today becomes a chance to evaluate the newcomers on the team, particularly at shortstop and right field.

Tech will start one of three freshmen at shortstop and likely play all three extensively early in the season, and Spencer has numerous options in right field, depending on the pitching matchup.

"Those two spots in particular," Spencer said. "We’ll probably play a couple of guys at short and a couple of guys in right, and everything else is a known quantity. It’s exciting. We’re going to try to make it as game-like as we can and get one under our belts before we get going next week."

TEXAS TECH SOFTBALL | Sad face. Texas Tech lost two games yesterday, the first game to Northwestern 6-14 and to Tennessee 0-1.

TEXAS TECH BASKETBALL | Very much enjoyed this Raider Power segment on head coach Billy Gillispie. Watch this.

I also enjoyed 104.3's The Bottom Line's interview with assistant coach Bubba Jennings.

The Big 12 site has a running blog by announcer Dave Anderson (he does color for the television Big 12 broadcasts) and talks a bit about Luke Adams. Anderson's father had to have the same procedure that Adams had and it was also really nice to see Kansas St. John Currie write about what it meant for Adams to visit a young kid with the same hearing issues that Adams has:

Too often in the heat of competitive athletics we overlook the character of the people who play the games and the obstacles they overcome to succeed. Texas Tech's Luke Adams is a special athlete whom I greatly admire. Luke, who suffers from a hearing impairment that requires him to wear cochlear implants,took time during the team's trip to Manhattan earlier this week to meet with young local Wildcat fan Brandt Carlgren, who experiences the same hearing issues. What a thrill for Brandt! (click here for a photo) This is a great example of Big 12 camaraderie and sportsmanship that is present all throughout our league institutions. By the way, Luke went out and led the Red Raiders with 15 points in the Cats' 65-46 win.

LAJ's Nick Kosmider previews tonight's game and writes about how this team battles with mistakes. Here's PG Luke Adams:

"We kind of had a bad start when we played them at their place," said guard Luke Adams, who scored a team-high 15 points in Tech’s loss to Kansas State on Tuesday. "We fought back, so we know we can beat them. We’re more confident and we’re expecting to win."

TEXAS TECH FOOTBALL | The Williams and Hyatt Show has a free segment with the great former Red Raider James Gray. I told you this was going to be an audio-heavy DTN DD and I really recommend this as well.

LAJ's Don Williams previews the quarterbacks and offensive coordinator Neal Brown talks about his two scholarship quarterbacks, Seth Doege and Michael Brewer. OC Brown sounds excited about Doege, and I think he should be. Doege didn't have the best year ever, but he wasn't awful and I think he'll be better this year. Here's OC Brown:

"I thought he played very well," Brown said. "What happened to Seth down the stretch ... our inability to run the ball and we weren’t playing very well on defense, so a lot of the pressure went to Seth."

I think this is accurate. There are a lot of quotes on Brewer and OC Brown isn't worried about Brewer's inexperience. Here's just a bit:

"He’s a winner," Brown said. "He’s got a little bit of the ‘it’ factor. He’s been the leader within that freshman class. That leadership role is starting to grow with the upperclassmen as well, and our guys have a lot of confidence in him.

"I think it’s big that he comes from a football family, comes from a successful high school program. He understands what it takes to win. Every week last year, even redshirting, he prepared like he was going to play that game, and I thought that showed a lot of maturity."