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Tuberville to Cincinnati | Link Round Up

A handful of links on Tommy Tuberville's move to Cincinnati.

Ronald Martinez

We need a new post for comments as over 1,000 comments is a bit much. Good job, good effort. I'm working on a post for candidates and it is not a post with just one candidate. May not get this done until sometime later this afternoon.

* Football News Conference - Texas Tech Red Raiders Official Athletic Site | You can find Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt's presser and transcript here.

* Tuberville leaves Texas Tech for Cincinnati | Red Raiders

* Texas Tech players stunned by Tuberville's departure | Red Raiders

* EXCLUSIVE: Tuberville Talks Move to Cincinnati

* Texas Tech recruits react to Tech's coaching change | Red Raiders | Here's the deal with recruits. Almost all of them will stick with Texas Tech so long as the new staff continues to give the offer. For us, we worry about kids flipping. For an 18 year old kid, they had made a major life decision. I hope they all stick with Texas Tech, but this is the last thing I'm worried about.

* Williams: Tech experience never what Tuberville pictured | Red Raiders

* Tommy Tuberville Leaves Texas Tech For Cincinnati – It Had To Happen | Williams and Hyatt On Demand | Good stuff from Hyatt, as always.

* Tommy Tuberville finds convenient escape by bolting Texas Tech for Cincinnati - Stewart Mandel -

* Texas Tech potential candidates list, now that Tommy Tuberville is gone - and Who's next? | Red Raiders