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Viva The Matadors | 2012-12-08 Morning Links

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Campus, tennis, men's basketball and football links.

One of the worst nights of my life. My kid is coughing all night and he didn't sleep all that much. I get to sleep, but start coughing at 1:30 am and just decide to get up and get some coffee. I then finally decide to try to go back to sleep at 3:30 am. This doesn't benefit you at all except I did a new font for the logo for the morning links.


* Totally Texas Tech: New TTU Campus Pictures - 12/7/2012 | Some terrific photos and the very beginning stages of the scoreboard replacement/renovation.


* Texas Tech Tennis Coach Siegel To Step Down At Season's End - Texas Tech Red Raiders Official Athletic Site and Tim Siegel to retire after altering tennis landscape at Texas Tech | Red Raiders | Coach Siegal is a terrific coach and a terrific Red Raider who has elevated this program. We will miss him after the year.


* Texas Tech Moves Start Of Game On December 28 To 6 P.M. - Texas Tech Red Raiders Official Athletic Site


* Le'Raven Clark Named Freshman All-America by - Texas Tech Red Raiders Official Athletic Site

* The Big 12 recruiting scorecard: December - Big 12 Blog - ESPN | Sad trombone.

* Michael Vick, Adrian Peterson top freshmen who didn't win Heisman - Stewart Mandel - | Crabtree!