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Source | Texas Tech Offensive Coordinator Neal Brown to Kentucky

It appears that Texas Tech offensive coordinator Neal Brown may take the same job at Kentucky.


247 Sport's Landon Wright tweeted the following just a few moments ago:

Thus, it appears that offensive coordinator Neal Brown is going to take a lateral job as offensive coordinator at Kentucky to join new Kentucky coach, Mark Stoops.

I've been fairly resolute that Tuberville hired offensive line coach Chris Thomsen to replace Brown if this moment were to happen and we'll see if that's accurate. I'd also add that if this is true, then there are going to be some pretty serious questions about the situation at Texas Tech, if there weren't some already. If Brown is wanting to take a job at a lesser program, I'm not sure what that says about working for or with Tuberville or maybe this speaks to Brown wanting to go back home. Brown is from Kentucky, played football at Kentucky, and eventually ended up at UMass to finish his playing career and graduate.

I know that this isn't popular, but I think this is a bad thing. Generally speaking, Brown was well thought of as a bright young mind. Texas Tech fans were and are critical of his play-calling, but we just don't know if Brown had the control that he really wanted to run the offense.

Stay tuned.