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Red Raider Basketball Questions

3 questions answered in my own opinion about the basketball team on some fun and interesting topics that others might enjoy discussing.


Q: Which stat needs to improve for our Red Raiders basketball team this week?

A: Turnovers. Last week we had 16 turnovers against Arizona State and 14 against Alabama. We average 14.8 TOPG and are currently rank #113 in the nation on giving the ball away to the opponent. I always hold this stat as a very high indicator on whether the team is developing in a positive way with gaining more understanding of their own game and learning how to play as one unit on the court. I would like to have less than 12 turnovers in each game we play against North Carolina A&T and Florida A&M. I think this is a must improve stat this week before Big 12 conference play starts.

Q: What would your starting line-up be for our team right now that gives us the best chance for a victory over any team we play?

A: Gray, Jackson, Williams, Crockett, and Tolbert. I think with this group we have the best chance in any game to win. Gray, Williams, and Jackson seem to play the best together in the backcourt. They all can handle the ball, drive, and play defense well. Tolbert and Crockett together are the best frontcourt combo we have to get inside points and rebounds. I just don’t think anybody else on the roster is better than any of these guys right now. I’d really like to see this starting rotation in to begin a game, it hasn’t happened yet this season.

Q: How many of you will be watching the Tech versus North Carolina A&T basketball game before switching over to the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas?

A: I will. Most of the basketball games have been averaging a length of less than 2 hours on TV. Perfect to watch at 6pm and then switch over to the Red Raider football game when Tech basketball ends around 8pm. It’s on Fox Sports Southwest Plus if you get it, easy to put it on in the house, sportsbar, or wherever you are getting settled in ready for the Car Care Bowl. My fiancée is going to be thrilled… this Friday evening is going to be a fun time at my house, I won’t move from the couch for a solid 5+ hours! Wreck ‘em Tech!