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Monday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2012-12-24

Women's basketball and football links.

I hope everyone has a terrific holiday. Thank you all for a wonderful year. I probably won't post tomorrow (unless there is some breaking news), but will have a post on the 26th and 27th for the Meineke Car Care Bowl, including a Q&A with The Daily Gopher. For today and tomorrow: be safe and I see you on Wednesday.


* Midrange game opens up for Lady Raiders, Patterson takes advantage | Red Raiders


* More possibly in store for the Jones | Red Raiders | This is about the stadium and expansion including the new scoreboard. The video below also has a look at the new video board.

* Report: Another Tech ex to join coaching staff | Red Raiders and Williams: Coronado graduate Smith in demand in coaching circles | Red Raiders | The first article is essentially a repeat of what I posted yesterday and the second link is LAJ's Don Williams talking with Mike Smith last year after he was hired by West Virginia.

* - Football is in Kingsbury's blood | Good stuff from Mike Graham as he talked with Kliff Kingsbury's father, Tim Kingsbury:

"He's put in a tremendous amount of work," Tim Kingsbury said. "He's very dedicated to the coaching profession. Of course, he was that way in high school and in college also. As far as being surprised he did it that early at this level, being in the Big 12 as a head coach after five years of coaching, that is a little surprising.

"But it doesn't surprise me he ended up there and at that level. It's just the fact he's so young and there are so many coaches who have been coaching a long time and not had the opportunity. He's very aware of how fortunate he is and things have just fallen into place."

North End Zone, Ticket Office Update (via techathletics)