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Friday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2012-12-21

Volleyball, women's basketball, men's basketball and football.

Thank goodness it is Friday, but I hear the world is going to end. If we all live, then you know what I did worked.


* Texas Tech Volleyball 2012 Season Review - Texas Tech Red Raiders Official Athletic Site


* Texas Tech Falls Short in Overtime - Texas Tech Red Raiders Official Athletic Site | Sounds like the team lost a heart-breaker in overtime. Keep fighting ladies!

* Spartans sink Lady Raiders in overtime with late jumper | Red Raiders and Lady Raider notebook: Inside play shows strengths, weaknesses in loss | Red Raiders

* Nobles battles through illness to return for Lady Raiders | Red Raiders


* Complete games have eluded Texas Tech basketball team | Red Raiders

* Sun Devil Men's Hoops Travels To Lubbock For 1 p.m. CT Tip Vs. Red Raiders on Saturday. - Arizona State University Official Athletic Site

* Time for change in the NCAA, weekend picks, more Hoop Thoughts - College Basketball - Seth Davis - | Yes.


* Hocutt told Tuberville improvement, changes were required | Red Raiders | Well.

This is interesting. I think this is maybe an athletic director in Kirby Hocutt that wasn't happy at all with the way things were headed with Tuberville:

"Tommy and I had talked about making sure we shared the same expectations for Texas Tech football that we just mentioned, that we were moving in that direction," Hocutt said. "Were we disappointed with the way this season ended? You bet we were disappointed. Were we frustrated? Yes, we were very frustrated. Were there going to have to be changes made to certain aspects of the program? Yes, there were.

"Tommy and I had talked about those things. I don’t want to get into the details, but we’d said, ‘Hey, we have higher expectations. We can’t expect to continue doing the same things and expect different results, and these are the areas that there are going to have to be changes made to.’"

And the following makes it wound like there was a void of leadership with Tuberville:

"It’s not complicated," Hocutt said. "People ask all the time, ‘How’s Bill Snyder been able to do what he’s done at Kansas State?’ It’s a simple formula. It’s a formula of fundamentals, of discipline, of accountability, of hard work and effort. People think there has to be more to it, but when it breaks down, it gets back to doing the fundamental things correctly every day and playing the game with great passion and enthusiasm and effort."

Yes, it is simple, but that's also not to say that Snyder does something that others don't do. I am so glad that chapter is over.

* College Football Insider: Kliff Kingsbury - ESPN Dallas and Texas Tech HC Kliff Kingsbury 12-20 - SportsTalk 790 | A couple of radio interviews, the first from Dallas and the second from Houston.

* Q&A: Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury, part II - Big 12 Blog - ESPN | Good stuff from Ubben and this makes me happy, from Kingsbury when asked about him commenting about Tuberville:

I just think when it's your school and that's where you've been, I felt entitled to that. If I was just a guy who had no ties to this school, it may have been a little bit different. But I take a lot of pride in this school, a lot of pride in what we've accomplished here, and I'll never shy away from that.

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