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Game Preview | Minnesota Gold Gophers vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Game time and television information for Minnesota vs. Texas Tech.


(6-6, 2-6)

Date | December 28, 2012
Time | 8:00 pm CST
Good Guys | Texas Tech Red Raiders
Bad Guys | Minnesota Golden Gophers
Location | Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX
Weather | Doesn't Matter
Radio | Affiliates
Game Cast | FoxSports

(7-5, 4-5)

These are your morning links and this will be the anchor for the story stream, which is fancy language for saying I needed to post something to be the initial post for the previews for this game. Anyway, here are your morning links:


Kingsbury, Tuberville have much in common - Aggie Sports: Aggie Sports | This article made no sense to me. I like Cessna, but he seems like he is rambling quite a bit here and the only thing that Cessna writes that Kingsbury and Tuberville have in common are the fact that they both coached at Texas A&M at one point of their careers. The only thing that really bothers me are the folks, and Cessna did this here, that say that Tuberville must have really wanted out of Lubbock. I honestly think that had Hocutt extended Tuberville for five more years that he would still be the head coach at Texas Tech. Tuberville is coaching for a paycheck and he got a longer contract and large amount from Cincinnati.

Mailbag: Texas Tech gets a much better fit - | It isn't a stretch to see out that Feldman is praising the hiring of Kingsbury considering his relationship with Leach. The best thing about this is that Feldman linked to the VTM post where Tuberville announced he was leaving and the celebration that ensued. Much appreciated. It is a good read and I think Feldman is on point here.

As Kliff Kingsbury settles in, Texas Tech staff needs to be addressed | College Sports Blog | There is no new news on the coaching front. I have some coach profiles written, but since I don't know that Eric Morris' or Kevin Curtis' positions they are coaching (I can make assumptions, but I really don't want to do that.) I don't want to publish them. I'd also add that after having gone through a coaching hiring process, the two most important hires may be offensive line coach and defensive coordinator.

Dakorey Johnson switches to K-State - ESPN | See you at the cross-roads Dakorey and good get for K-State.

Tommy Tuberville Can't 'Dine and Dash' on Investment Lawsuit | Arkansas Business News | | I normally wouldn't post this because I don't care about Tuberville at all anymore, but this is interesting in that this article alleges that Tuberville and Stroud were using the suffix, "LLC" to companies that they didn't actually form, which would make them personally liable. What a mess. Again, I am so happy that there is a limited number of times when I have to type Tuberville's name.

Danny Amendola is very sorry - | I keep forgetting that Amendola was another guy that wasn't drafted, but stuck around and has done very well in the NFL from that 2008 team (Graham Harrell, Brandon Williams, Darcel McBath, Danny Amendola, and Louis Vasquez).