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Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2012-12-15

Women's basketball, men's basketball and football.

Hey all, I'm working on things. Previews for Minnesota. Profiles on the two defensive coordinator candidates. Kingsbury press conference thoughts. It is a busy time. Don't forget that the women and men play on Sunday afternoon and the football team is opening the stadium to watch practice today at 11:30 am. You can go through gates 1 and 3 on the West side of the stadium.

One other thing. I've been embedding the official site videos, but for some reason, some of the videos revert back to the first one on the playlist even though I'm trying to embed a specific video. If anyone has any suggestions about what I am doing wrong, please leave a comment.



* Bubba Jennings Joins Sports Shack For Tech Basketball Talk And Recap | I really enjoy listening to Jennings talk about basketball.


* You can read the transcript of yesterday's press conference here. I'll try to have more on this later, but I'm a busy guy right now.

* Eric Morris joining Kliff Kingsbury at Texas Tech - CougCenter | Excellent stuff from our good friends at Coug Center and thought that this was really good for Texas Tech:

Morris immediately made an impact in recruiting, going into Texas and working his connections. That may be where the Cougars miss him the most. Morris was a tenacious recruiter who did some great things for Leach and Washington State in the short time he was here. He had those Texas connections, and used them well in the year he was in Pullman.

But it wasn't just recruiting. Early on, it became clear that Leach was taking Morris under his wing. Morris was the inside receivers coach, but also became sort of an offensive coordinator. When the offense would do skelly or team drills, Morris would be right there with Leach, barking out instruction or critiquing plays. He was Leach's eyes in the booth, as well. Leach and Morris had an open dialogue during the game, and Morris would be relaying what he saw down to Leach. He was being groomed, and it was obvious why: there was talent there.