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Viva The Matador | 2012-12-12 Morning Links

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Men's basketball and football links.

Just trying to catch everyone up on any links. Feel free to post any links in the comments. Help your fellow completely-obsessed-about-a-coaching-search reader. I've got two profiles, one on Chad Morris and the second on Kliff Kingsbury scheduled to post later this morning.


* Big XII Basketball: Week 5 Power Rankings - Crimson And Cream Machine | Texas Tech isn't last!


* Hocutt flies out to see Kingsbury, Morris | Red Raiders and Texas Tech AD Kirby Hocutt interviews Chad Morris in Upstate " | The second link here is the guy that was at the airport waiting on the airplane.

* Tommy Tuberville left visiting recruits at the dinner table | Yikes.

* Bryan Harsin To Arkansas State As Head Coach: Leaving Texas, Report Says - Burnt Orange Nation | Would guess that Applewhite becomes the full-time OC.

* Morris interviews with Texas Tech | The Greenville News |

* Devin Lauderdale decommits from Texas Tech - | This was really the least of my concerns and truthfully, Lauderdale was wavering before Tuberville left.

* MAC to the BCS: End Game For the No-Names - Hustle Belt | I have been linking these, but if you ever needed a visual about how some of the conferences, Mountain West, Conference USA, etc., will look next year, this is very helpful.

* SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and ACC to average $91 million in new playoff format, sources say - ESPN | That's a lot of extra cash.

* Troll Tuesday: College football players should make more money than your dad - | Ha!