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Texas Tech Head Coach Candidate | Texas A&M OC Kliff Kingsbury

Texas Tech is apparently down to two, maybe three candidates. So today, we're going to get a bit more into Chad Morris and Kliff Kingsbury.


I'm going to post this video because it is really interesting, but it's a somewhat nameless press conference with Texas A&M offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury during this past season.

What Kingsbury talks about in the 3 minute mark is about how he does not have a playbook and that as a coach, Holgorsen, Sumlin and he just worked together to figure out what they do. That they just draw the plays a lot and that if the players are able to draw up the plays rather than rely on a playbook, they'll know the offense better.

He said that Sumlin never questioned his calls or what he did. He said he wanted to be a starting NFL quarterback and is fortunate to be at TAMU. Was very thankful about how Sumlin promoted him to offensive coordinator. It is funnyt how he says that it's the players, that if you get good players you'll be successful. It's the players, not the plays.

I aldo really enjoyed Kingsbury talking through a film session.

Really interesting to see him work through the quarterbacks and their different deficiencies and their footwork.

CBS Sports' Bruce Feldman has the best article about how Kingsbury is transitioning to being a head coach.

"I really learned everything about quarterbacks from Kliff," says West Virginia QB coach Jake Spavital, who worked with Kingsbury at Houston and then helped tutor Weeden.

The things Kingsbury taught Spavital (a former college quarterback himself) ranged from how you run the quarterbacks room and develop the psyche of a QB to the mechanics of the position. "When he was at Houston, Kliff put together a great quarterback (drills) tape. Weeden wasn't a polished guy at all. We got Kliff's tape and did all sorts of pocket presence drills and quick release drills and it made a huge difference in him.

"Kliff is big on how, 'it's not about the quarterback's arm. It's about how good his feet are,' and Case was a prime example of that."

And this is as important to me as anything as TAMU's head coach Kevin Sumlin said this about Kingsbury:

"Everybody asks me about Dana or Kliff, but those guys have been like that ever since I've known them. Kliff is such a hard-working guy. He's the first one in our office. He's very disciplined and the players love him. He's going to be an excellent head coach one day."

ESPN's Sam Kahn, Jr. wrote about the offense and Houston coach Tony Levin writes about Kingsbury's intelligence:

"The thing that stood out to me and that I don't know that everybody's aware of is how intelligent Kliff Kingsbury is," Levine said. "People talk about men and women in all different occupations at times as being brilliant and Kliff has a brilliant mind. He's an outside-the-box thinker. He's extremely creative. And he's extremely organized. And he's got a memory as sharp as anyone I've been around."

And WR Ryan Swope talks about the type of coach that Kingsbury is:

"He coaches with emotion," senior receiver Ryan Swope said. "That's something that's a ton of fun to play for. He's a guy that's going to go for the throat on third down or even when we're practicing. We're practicing to win, to have that confidence on the field, so it's a lot of fun playing for Coach Kingsbury."