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Afternoon Links | So Many Comments We Need a New Post

New post for the afternoon.


Since the other post from this morning is getting a bit long with comments, I'll go ahead and post what I have in terms of links this afternoon. Also, here's what we know from today:

  • Chris Thomsen is the interim head coach for the bowl game.
  • At Saturday's press conference, the entire defensive staff said that they would help out with the bowl game, so I assume that DC Art Kaufman will coach the defense.
  • Also announced today, Sonny Cumbie would call plays for the offense and coach quarterbacks.
  • Former OC Neal Brown officially resigned today and took the job at Kentucky, which is why Cumbie is calling plays.
  • Finally, is apparently reporting that the coaching search is down to TAMU OC Kliff Kingsbury and Clemson OC Chad Morris. I don't have a subscription, but Kingsbury and Morris' photos are on their front page.

A lot happened today.

* National Football Foundation Award Dinner ~ Student of the Game | Lots of terrific pictures from S Cody Davis and his recent trip to New York.

* - The Daily | Although you can't tell by the title, this is a very good story on interim head coach Chris Thomsen and what he did at Abilene Christian.

* Morris, Kingsbury 'right at the top' of Tech target list, source says | Red Raiders | Kinda confirming what we already know.

* Kentucky Football: Neal Brown To Become Kentucky Offensive Coordinator - A Sea Of Blue | I'll be answering questions for A Sea of Blue in the next few days. Again, I'm glad that Neal landed on his feet.

* 8 Coaches to Replace Tommy Tuberville at Texas Tech | | This was an interesting list and had some names on it that I had not considered. Still, I think it's down to two candidates, Kingsbury and Morris and the names listed here were from this morning.

* Furious Bleacher Report Editor Will Make Staff Rank Things All F#%king Night If He Has To | The Onion - America's Finest News Source | Ha! Ha! Lots of cursing and not safe for work, but funny.