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Texas Tech Basketball Questions

Some fun and interesting questions on Texas Tech basketball that others might enjoy discussing.

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College basketball is finally here! I have been waiting forever for this day! Texas Tech is taking on Prairie View A&M today, and will play this upcoming Wednesday against Nebraska-Omaha. I’m going to start trying to answer 3 questions each week in my own opinion about the basketball team on some fun and interesting topics that others might enjoy discussing.

Q: Not knowing hardly anything about how our team will play this year, how many games in our non-conference schedule do you think we will win?

A: We have 11 non-conference games. All of them are at home in the United Spirit Arena. I always think we have a chance to win every game, but I will try and be sort of realistic. Our toughest game will be against Arizona, who should be at least a top 15 team when they play us. I count the Arizona game as a loss, as well I think we lose to an Alabama team that is very good and is right outside my top 30 best teams this year. ArizonaState was not a good team last year so I think this might be a hard fought battle, but with our inexperience we probably will give this one away. According to my optimistic outlook we should win all the rest, and we should have an 8-3 record at the end of non-conference play. I’d be extremely happy if it happens.

Q: What is the starting lineup you would like to see this first week of play?

A: Guards – Gray, Gotcher, and Jackson. Forwards – Crockett, and Tolbert. I know Williams and Kravic started in the exhibition game against UTPB over Crockett and Gotcher. I think Crockett is a starter with all his talent I have watched him play with for the past few seasons. I think Gotcher showed me some real leadership ability on the court when he was playing in the beginning of last season before his injury. I know Kravic had a really nice game against UTPB, but until I am shown he can get it done every game I don’t put him as a starter over our two best players from last season… Crockett and Tolbert.

Q: How many fans will be in the United Spirit Arena for the opening men’s basketball game of the season?

A: Last year shows 10,088 filled up the USA to see Billy Gillispie and our squad take on Troy in the season opener. The USA has a seating capacity of 15,020. With no Gillispie this year, I’m going to take a guess at about 6,000 showing up for this first game. But, I am a guy that would go to every single TTU basketball game no matter if we won or lost if I lived in Lubbock. I know others aren’t as fanatical as me about our basketball team this year, so that 6,000 number probably is too high.