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Texas Tech Basketball Questions

Some fun and interesting questions on Texas Tech Red Raider basketball that others might enjoy discussing.


I’m answering 3 questions each week in my own opinion about the basketball team on some fun and interesting topics that others might enjoy discussing.

Q: Is Texas Tech men’s basketball going to be undefeated in November?

A: Yes, we should be. We have started 2-0 and are only playing two more games this month. Those games are against Grambling State and Jackson State, two very winnable matches for Tech. Both remaining games are at home in the United Spirit Arena. I don’t think I need a whole lot of justification for thinking this after watching the first 2 games. I have a very strong feeling we will be going through our first month of basketball undefeated.

Q: Who is going to be our best three point threat on the team this season?

A: I know we are only two games into the season, but we have been able to see a lot of downtown shooting so far. As a team we have put the ball up from beyond the arc 50 times, and I am really happy about it. Even if the ball hasn’t been dropping that much we need to keep doing this so defenses do not back in and stack guys down low like what happened last season. We really didn’t shoot the three that much last year and opponents would stack the box up not allowing Tolbert to get the ball. In the first game Jamal Williams had the hot hand from deep, and over two games he is 5 for 11 from downtown. Josh Gray has the second most attempts at 8 (he’s made 3) and I think if Gray keeps shooting it from outside he will continue to make a lot of buckets. But, my pick for the three point threat is Dusty Hannahs who is 4 for 7 on the long bombs this year. He seems to take the shot when he knows he is open enough for a clean look (even off screens), but is not afraid to shoot if the defender gives him a little too much room. I think he will be the guy with the highest 3-point FG percentage by the end of the season and be a top 3 on the roster in 3-point attempts. That's what we brought Dusty to Tech for, his three point threat ability.

Q: Texas Tech is ranked 20th in scoring and averaging 90 ppg. Are we going to score over 90 points against Grambling State next week?

A: Grambling State has lost their first three games of the season and allowed 92, 78, and 80 points to be scored against them in those three games. We are a good offense and love getting off a huge amount of shots each game. We have shot the ball 136 times in our first two games combined and made about half of those shots. It is really hard for any college basketball team to put over 90 points on the scoreboard in a game. If they do get a lot of shots off they can have a semi-bad shooting night and miss a few more than usual but still win the game. I think Tech has a great chance to score over 90 on Grambling State, but I don't think they will. I’m going to say that they will get in the eighties, not the nineties for the game. I hope they prove me wrong!