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Game Preview | Nebraska-Omaha Mavs vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Previewing Texas Tech's second home game of the season against the Nebraska-Omaha Mavs.




Nebraska-Omaha Mavs (1-1, 0-0)

Texas Tech Red Raiders (1-0, 0-0)

November 14, 2012 @ 7:00 pm

United Spirit Arena | Lubbock, TX

TV: FSSW Plus | Radio: Affiliates | GameCast: FoxSports

Probable Starters

CJ Carter (6-0/180)


Josh Gray (6-1/175)

Justin Simmons (6-3/190)


Trency Jackson (6-2/185)

Koang Doluony (6-8/195)


Jamal Williams, Jr. (6-4/190)

Alex Welhouse (6-7/220)


Jordan Tolbert (6-7/225)

John Karhoff (6-8/235)


Dejan Kravic (6-11/240)


As I continue logo talk, what a fantastic logo for the Mavs. Also, Omaha-Nebraska is the university where Trev Alberts is the athletic director. It is unique and interesing.

This is UNO's first year as part of the Summit Leage and they also have six new players, including the aforementioned Doluony, who is Sudanese and lived part of his life in an Ethiopian refugee camp. He's a transfer from Indiana St. and is the only player Division I with experience on the team. I don't know if you know a lot about this, but if you ever wanted to know about the Lost Boys of Sudan, here's a good place to start. I'd also add that What Is The What is a fantastic book.

UNO has played two games thus far, beating Northern Illinois and losing to St. Mary. Early in the season, it looks to be quite balanced for UNO as Welhouse, Karhoff and Simmons all contributed in both games. This shouldn't be a very tough game as this is the first year for UNO in the Summit League. That's not to say that the Summit League is a bad conference because that's not the case at all. They do have some good teams, but they're mostly lower level teams.


Texas Tech really needs to work on that free throw rate and they need to make sure that they are getting to the line. Those are the toughest baskets to get and it would be fantastic to start that process now and hope that it sticks through the Big 12. Last year, Texas Tech didn't have the personnel to really drive and get to the basket with some sense of authority. This year, with Gray, Williams, Jackson, Gotcher and Robinson, I hope they all take turns.

Also, from reading what some of you said about the game last week against PVAMU, the coaching staff really needs to work with the guards to get some of the post players the ball in the post and let them work. If that's the case, then that absolutely needs to happen. Tolbert can be very good down low, but he has to have position and that is something he can do. I'd also add that I'm really interested to see if Kravic has anything down low or if he's just a guy that is going to be perimeter oriented. It's fine if he is that way, but it would be nice if the offense oriented 6-11 player could work around the basket too.