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Quick Thoughts | Kansas Jayhawks 34, Texas Tech Red Raiders 41

Some quick thoughts as Texas Tech squeaks out a win against Kansas.


It's a win and I almost always celebrate wins because they don't happen often, but it is going to be tough to celebrate this one.

I cringed when Tuberville flipped, what I think was a graduate assistant's hat. I'm sure that this is just football and heat of the moment, but I didn't like it and I'm sure that it was the GA's responsibility to make sure that the players knew what the hell was going on. I still didn't like it.. The defensive effort was really tough to watch. Kansas' highest point total was 31 points against S. Dakota St. until they met this Texas Tech defense. I understand that one score happened in overtime.


  • I am glad that this team won the game and I am glad that the seniors got to leave with a win.
  • Seth Doege was fun to watch today. The lone interception seemed like it was a result of IR Jakeem Grant cutting off a route too early.
  • WR Eric Ward had a terrific game. He dropped a 4th down catch on what would have maybe helped this team score late in the game, but he was pretty good.
  • I got nothing on the defense here and that's probably too harsh, but maybe I will think of something between now and tomorrow morning..


  • Holy shit, what a ton of big plays.
  • I'm scared to death of what Oklahoma St. and Baylor will do against this defense that seems like it is falling apart and missing assignments. Two weeks in a row that had a ton of big plays.
  • Pitiful penalties that prolonged Kansas drives.
  • I'll have more tomorrow, but this was a tough game to watch.