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Q&A With Stormin In Norman

Stormin In Norman answers questions for Viva The Matadors on Texas Tech's matchup against Oklahoma.

Tom Pennington - Getty Images

Much thanks to Stormin In Norman's Joe Bendiez for answering questions. Will post my answers when the come available.

1. What has been the biggest issue offensively? Has it been the line or has it been Landry Jones?

Stormin In Norman: The offensive line has been a huge struggle with the loss of senior Ben Habern at center. Gabe Ikard played some center last season, but there really isn't a guy that can fill in Gabe's spot at guard. However, the issue offensively is mostly Landry Jones. As a senior, he should not be holding on to the ball as long as he is with multiple threats at receiver. Although, he got way too comfortable with Ryan Broyles, and now has to face the reality he has other players that can catch the ball. His decision-making overall has been poor. He just seems to not have that confidence a leader should have in his career.

2. It seems as if the defensive line is struggling a bit too, is that an accurate statement or is this a case where the defense as a whole just hasn't clicked yet.

SIN: The defensive line has been missing a few guys whether it be due to suspension or injury. The line has been struggling, though, many people are underselling the fact the secondary looks much improved with Mike Stoops back in Norman. Hopefully, Mike goes back to his old ways and throws in some blitzes against Tech to actually put some pressure on the quarterback.

3. What's been the biggest bright spot thus far for the Sooners, both on offense and defense?

SIN: On offense, Damien Williams has been a big positive at running back. He has a lot of potential to be a star in Oklahoma, but the coaches are still giving a lot of carries to Dominique Whaley and a few to Brennan Clay. Making Williams the main guy at running back would definitely make the Sooner rushing attack one of the best in the conference, because Whaley as the starter is not getting the job done. As for the defense, Tony Jefferson has looked really solid thus far. He has not had to work too much, because of the passers he has faced. Also, David King did well at the defensive tackle position, but is now back at his natural defensive end spot with the return of starting DT Casey Walker.

4. In a couple of sentences, how would you attack Texas Tech, both offensively and defensively?

SIN: Offensively, the Sooners have to strike early and often. They need to find a rhythm and not allow Landry to over-think anything. If they do that, it should be good day for the Sooners. On defense, Mike Stoops really needs to let Doege have it. Throw in some blitzes and try and get him rattled. That may be the only way to slow him donw, because Oklahoma fans know he is a good quarterback with a good group of receivers.

5. What's your feeling on the OU quarterback situation? Landry Jones is having problems, some of which may be caused by the offensively line, is it time to play Blake Bell more?

SIN: The quarterback situation is really bad right now. Jones has the capability of being so good, yet he is a turnover machine and an unconfident signal caller. I would make him re-earn his starting job by giving Bell more playing time. Though, Bell could use the practice if he is going to be "the guy" for Oklahoma next season.