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Red Raider Gridiron | Texas Tech's Defensive Improvement

Football links with more on Texas Tech's defensive improvement.

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TIGHTER COVERAGE | LAJ's Nick Kosmider writes about the tighter coverage played by the defensive backs and Kosmider highlights a quote from Iowa St. coach Paul Rhoads about how because the secondary is playing tighter that the short passes are not there. Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops sees this too:

"They’re playing you aggressive," Stoops told reporters at his weekly press conference Monday. "They’re playing you tight."

How much you want to bet that Stoops wants to beat the safeties, the question is if the OU offensive line can hold up and give Landry enough time.

MCROY AND EDWARDS FOCUSING ON GRADES | LAJ's Don Williams notes that IR Javares McRoy and WR Derek Edwards are having to focus on academics and are not traveling with the team. Tuberville characterized Edwards as having a "tough time" with academics. I sure hope they get their stuff together, they could be huge a part of this next year. Meanwhile, DT Michael Starts had tests done regarding his high blood pressure, which kept him out last week.

SOONER THINGS | Crimson and Cream Machine's M. Hofeld writes about how head coach Tommy Tuberville knows that the defensive improvement will be determined after playing OU (and Tuberville has also acknowledged that the measure of defensive improvement will be after the next five weeks) and CaCM also correctly notes that OU is the best offense, by far, that Texas Tech has played this year . . . NewsOK's Berry Tramel writes about the rise of the Texas Tech defense . . .

TEXAS TECH THINGS | Cody Davis' Student of the Game writes about fighting adversity at Iowa St. . . . MaxPreps named Texas Tech commit Caleb Woodward, who only had 300 yards rushing coming into this season, as the Austin area player of the game and now, through give games, Woodward has been pretty good:

Not a natural passer, he's completed almost 60 percent of his passes (22 of 37) for 360 yards including three touchdowns and one interception. Most of his damage has been done on the ground with 822 yards on 139 carries (164 yards per game) and 11 touchdowns.

MISCELLANEOUS | The Classical has a terrific article as to why I cannot allow illegal streams on VTM, which could include the seizure of a website by the Department of Justice (OH NOES!) . . . SB Nation's weekly features -- The Alphabetical and The Numerical . . .

CHANGE GANG | TTU's Brandon Rawe with a look at the Texas Tech defense:

Change Gang (via techathletics)