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Quick Hits | Texas Tech 24, Kansas St. 55

Very quick thoughts as Texas Tech is demolished by Kansas State, 55-24.

Jamie Squire


  • There were bright spots, they're tough to find right now, but this is still a pretty good football team. This is not the #14 or whatever team in the country, but Texas Tech is still a pretty good little football team. Pretty good little football team.
  • I don't like losing, but I, as well as Vegas, knew that K-State was just a better football team. My hat is off to them. I think this is in the wrong section.


  • Texas Tech got Collin-Kleined and Bill-Snydered today and I understand that. Kansas St. is a really good football team and Klein is a really good football player.
  • When you shoot yourself in the foot continually, the foot will eventually just fall off. That's kinda what happened today, things snowballed quite a bit.
  • I was expecting a double-digit loss because I do think that K-State is really a better team than OU, so I'm not totally surprised, but I am very disappointed right now.

Now, let's kick the shit out of those Longhorns.