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Emails Released Related to Gillispie Resignation

The high drama of forwarded emails and practices not literally being all day long.

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Jamie Squire

USA Today's Rachel George made a freedom of information request for emails related to former head coach Billy Gillispie. I must admit, I don't know if this is because it is early, but I guess the point of the report is that is that the player reports and the reports submitted to the NCAA. George's first paragraph just seems to indicate that the emails essentially receive send the stories regarding the allegations against Gillispie:

In the days leading up to Billy Gillispie's resignation at Texas Tech, members of the university's Board of Regents were kept informed of the latest reports on the school's embattled coach.

So I go back to the idea that this story is about forwarded emails?

Anyway, there is some discrepancy about how the players say that practices were "all day" but the report apparently submitted to the NCAA detailed that the practices were not literally all day long. I guess I'm not surprised at that.

There was a "former employee" that did confirm that one of the practices went over the time limit and the only former coach was Jeff Kidder, who resigned to coach high school basketball to be closer to his parents in Kentucky. Maybe it was an employee that was part of the support staff.

Also, Bubba Jennings was apparently the assistant coach in charge of keeping track of the practice time, but he did not wear a watch at the time. Really.