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Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Kansas St. Wildcats | Preview, Television, Game Time & Big 12 Round Up

Texas Tech travels to Manhattan to take on the Kansas St. Wildcats and Viva The Matadors looks back at the TCU win and rounds up the Big 12 blogs on their thoughts on Week 8.


(6-1, 3-1)

Date | October 27, 2012
Time | 2:30 pm CST
Good Guys | Texas Tech Red Raiders
Bad Guys | Kansas St. Wildcats
Location | Manhattan, KS
Weather | High 50, Low 31
Radio | Affiliates
Game Cast | FoxSports

(7-0, 4-0)

I sorta checked out yesterday afternoon. The flower bed that needed to be tilled wasn't going to till itself so I spent a good part of the day working and that felt good. So while working, I was wondering if the coaching staff took a calculated risk in not playing TE Jace Amaro against TCU to ensure that he was fully healthy for Kansas St. A fully healthy Amaro that has essentially had two weeks off is going to be more effective than an Amaro that had his ribs most likely hit against TCU. Just speculation on my part, but it seems like WR Eric Ward missed a game earlier in the year with an injury and I also think that was a calculated risk in that Ward most likely could have played, but was held out just to make sure that he's fully healthy.

Also, How about that weather next week. I looked at the forecast for the DFW area and it's supposed to be 53 to 46 on Saturday and it's going to be even a bit more chilly in Manhattan. Love the change in the weather and after working outside yesterday, I'm am ready for the heat to be over and done with. I am sure I will regret these words in December.

I've got links and quotes from the other SB Nation blogs below, but before that, here are some Texas Tech links.

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Texas Tech - TCU Postgame Interviews (via techathletics)

Our Daily Bears (Baylor Bears): Baylor lost another conference game last night in which we scored 50 points and had over 600 yards of total offense. In two conference losses to West Virginia and Texas, we've scored a combined 113 points and yet lost by 13. Last night, we rushed for 250 yards, threw for another 350, had more first downs and total yards than our opponent, held them to "only" 14 points in the second half, and nearly came even in total time of possession (29:29 to 30:31) for the first time this season. We also forced more punting situations (5) than we took (3). If I told you everything in the preceding two sentences before the game, you would definitely assume we won, right? We didn't. Why? Ultimately it was because of two turnovers that came at the absolute worst possible times. First, Nick Florence threw his tenth interception of the season as we drove to take a 35-28 lead. When Texas scored after that pick, six points was as close as we'd get the rest of the way. Second, Glasco Martin fumbled when Baylor trailed 49-43 as we drove to retake the lead. If you put a gun to my head and asked why we lost, it was those turnovers. (Link)

Wide Right & Natty Lite (Iowa St. Cyclones): Jared Barnett started the game by leading Iowa State to a quick touchdown and a field goal in the first quarter but faltered the rest of the way before Steele Jantz took over in the 4th quarter. In between the team managed eight three and outs and two turnovers. Say what you will about the offense's inefficiency but the defense started off almost immediately giving up large chunks of yardage left and right. A 74-yard pass from J.W. Walsh to Charlie Moore early in the 2nd quarter drastically changed what adjustments the Iowa State defense had made and they were never the same in the passing game the rest of the way. Despite Joseph Randle being limited early he finished with 151 yards on 24 carries with two touchdowns to help ensure that Oklahoma State came away from their Homecoming with a win and giving Mike Gundy career win 63, which moves him to first on the all-time Oklahoma State wins list. (Link)

Rock Chalk Talk (Kansas Jayhawks): I would take all the kicker scholarships away (a)nd start over. This is humiliating. (Link)

Bring On The Cats (Kansas St. Wildcats): I don't know if you watched or listened to the game but K-State won the game, it wasn't close. If K-State had not pulled the first string, it would have been worse. Collin Klein had a 283.5 QB rating and 321 yards passing. Arthur Brown and Ty Zimmerman both had interceptions. Almost had 2 other interceptions. Life is good, enjoy the victory for the next 24 hours then it is time to focus on Texas Tech. No easy games in the B12, show up and play. Just get a little better each day and we will do okay. (Link)

Crimson and Cream Machine (Oklahoma Sooners): Not trying to throw a jinx out here or anything, but the last time Oklahoma's starting defense gave up a score with a game's outcome still in the balance was on October 6th in the second quarter of the Texas Tech game. Saturday night Kansas became the second consecutive opponent to not be able to put up any points against the Sooner defense. Like Texas a week ago, the Jayhawks had to wait until garbage time to score against Oklahoma's second and third team defenders. Mike Stoops has somehow created a time warp and taken this defense back to the early 2000's and it is a much appreciated change of pace from the last few years. The Sooners lead the conference in scoring defense (15.3 ppg) and pass defense (163.5 ypg). (Link)

Cowboys Ride For Free (Oklahoma St. Cowboys): This game wasn't as close as the score, as OSU suffered two turnovers (fumbles) deep inside Iowa State territory, and Quinn Sharp was mortal, going 1-3 on FG attempts (had his first miss inside 50 yards this season). While the defense played solidly, especially the front 7 in generally stuffing the run and pressuring the QB, the secondary once again looked less than ordinary when Cyclones' QB's were on target, which thankfully was NOT very often. Add in a few drops, and the Cowboys' secondary was not really challenged most of the day. The defense did produce 2 turnovers, but should have had 2 more on dropped interceptions that both allowed scoring drives to continue. They'll need those in the weeks to come. Just like last week...Iowa State was not a good offense. In fact, they were bad. Two weeks in a row of bad. Seriously, when was the last time the Cowboys won the TOP battle against a Big 12 opponent, much less by almost 10 minutes? OSU's D better have their wits about them next Saturday. (Link)

Burn Orange Nation (Texas Longhorns): Texas recovered from a 21-14 first quarter deficit with four touchdowns to close out the opening half and carry a 42-31 lead into inermission, then managed to hold off the Bears in the second half to secure a 56-50 victory. With the win, Texas moves to 5-2 on the season and -- most importantly -- ends a two-game losing streak to Art Briles and the Bears. Losing to Baylor used to be a final nail in a UT coach's coffin, but among the reasons it wasn't for Mack Brown is the fact that the Bears are a legitimately dangerous football team under Briles. Texas fans may not be happy about it, but the two teams matched up pretty evenly on Saturday night. Both offenses largely had their way with the opposing defense, with the Longhorns defense coming up with just enough stops to make the difference in the final score. Texas amassed 525 yards across 75 plays (7.0 average) while Baylor racked up 607 yards across 85 plays (7.1 average). Texas ran the ball 44 times for 251 yards (5.7 avg) and 7 touchdowns; Baylor ran 44 times for 255 yards and 4 trips to the end zone. Nick Florence connected on 30-41 passes for 352 yards and 2 scores, while David Ash hit 19 of his 31 attempts for 274 yards and 1 TD. (Link)

Frogs O War (TCU Horned Frogs): So many little things went wrong. There were bad calls and no calls aplenty (one of Tech's receivers seems to be a walking Offensive Pass Interference machine), but that's not the whole reason TCU lost. Tech went for and got a gutsy/fluky onside kick and turned it into a touchdown, but that's not the whole reason TCU lost. Boykin threw two interceptions which were the only turnovers of the game, but that's not really the reason TCU lost either. Boykin played on a twisted ankle after a Tech player rolled all the way through on a play, but his lack of mobility the rest of the game wasn't really why we lost. The reason TCU lost this game is because of missed opportunities. I counted three times that a TCU cornerback/Safety got both hands on the ball and didn't hang onto it, and two of those drives turned into Tech touchdowns. TCU drove into Tech territory again and again with consistency throughout the game, but when the field got short the Frogs got conservative (understandable given our red zone turnover issues) and ended up kicking field goals. Tech on the other hand was feast or famine on offense, either going down the field and putting up touchdowns or going three and out with very little in between. The secondary blew chances to get the Tech offense off the field and ended up getting burned when the pressure on Doege dried up late. (Link)

The Smoking Musket (West Virginia Mountaineers): Good-bye to Holgy’s chastising of our crowd’s non-involvement. This fan/coach relationship is a two-way street. Dana, you’d better bring your "A" game if you expect our fans to bring theirs. I’d be surprised to hear our Head Coach complain about the crowd (even the booing), unless he’s looking for a way out of Morgantown sooner than later. Hopefully he’s taken note of Rich Rod’s mistakes and will not bolt under the pressure. Coach, it’s time to take your medicine and accept responsibility. Don’t blame the early crowd exit - if you do that you’re going to have to get mad at me for switching over to the FSU-Miami game. You need to lead by example and admit you’re dropping the coaching ball (on all three of its sides). The players may need to make plays, but part of coaching is saying what you need to say (to players or coaches) to get them to achieve. That's why you're making 2.3 million dollars this year. (Link)