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Big 12 Media Day | Jordan Tolbert and Jaye Crockett to Attend for Texas Tech

Texas Tech interim head coach Chris Walker and players Jordan Tolbert and Jaye Crockett are set to participate in the Big 12 Media Day.

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The Big 12 Media Day is today and F Jordan Tolbert and F Jaye Crockett will attend for Texas Tech. The Big 12 has a full schedule of today's events and you can watch it live. And you can even tweet questions to Tolbert and Crockett by using the Twitter hashtag #AskTTUMBB. Interim head coach Chris Walker is scheduled to go on at 8:00 am and I think that Tolbert and Crockett are to go on at 10:25 am.

LAJ's Nick Kosmider has an excellent profile of Walker and how he got to where he is today and this just fantastic when asked about the fact that he's only the interim head coach and has a limited time to prove himself:

Walker laughs when people bring up the fact that his position as Tech’s coach guarantees him no more than six months on the job.

"You’re acting like it’s a death sentence," he says, "like I have a terrible disease and I only have six months to live."

Walker says he is wholeheartedly approaching the immediate future and his temporary — at least for now — position as an opportunity, a chance to give a piece of all he’s seen in basketball to the game’s current generation, from his pickup games on the blacktops of Houston, to starring as a point guard for Villanova, to earning his shot as a Big 12 coach.

"I look at it as six months to give," Walker says. "To give of myself, and all the things I’ve learned in 17 years of coaching, to these kids, make sure I cement relationships with this community and really work hard and try my best to share my vision with everyone in this town. Hopefully take this program to a whole other level.

"That’s what I have six months to do."

It's really hard for me not to cheer for Walker. We'll have more on the Big 12 Media Days tomorrow.

The DT's Megan Ketterer also wrote earlier this week about how the team looks to rebound after a bad season last year and Walker is keeping the positivity going:

"We’re going to come out with great attitude, we’re going to work hard every day, we’re going to play together with pride, and we’re going to play for the name in front of the jersey," he said. "If we do those things, we’ll let it be what it’ll be after that."