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Red Raider Gridiron | Gallington Arrested on Saturday & Texas Tech Notes and Links

Deveric Gallington was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct, Daniel Cobb and alleged victim from incident earlier in the year sign protective order and oh yeah, Texas Tech plays TCU on Saturday.

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GALLINGTON ARRESTED | So what happens to the team after winning a big football game? You get your drank on and maybe get into a fight. That's what happened to C Deveric Gallington on Saturday night as he was arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication. From all accounts, Gallington is a good guy that hasn't been in trouble before and it's strange that he got into a fight with a 34 year old guy (I cannot imagine talking trash to someone 15 years younger than me). Gallington is still going to play on Saturday, maybe he'll miss a bit of time at the beginning of the game and won't start, which would mean that true freshman Jared Kaster would start. If I were TCU and this did happen, I would run two people right over Kaster.

COBB & ALLEGED VICTIM SIGN PROTECTIVE ORDER | LB Daniel Cobb and the alleged victim from earlier in the year agreed to sign a protective order as a condition for the District Attorney dropping Cobb's case. I can honestly say that I have no idea what this means other than this sounds sorta like some sort of compromise agreement. If the DA really had a case, then they could have gone after him, but I would guess that maybe the victim in this case was hesitant as well. I dunno and I'm not a criminal attorney so this is foreign to me.

MAPONGA QUESTIONABLE | Per TCU360, DE Stansley Maponga may be questionable on Saturday with a bad ankle and if that were the case, this would be very significant. Maponga is a very good player and his presence probably has helped Devonte Fields be as effective as he has been this year. There's also some TCU notebooky things from head coach Gary Patterson's press conference. I'd also point you in the direction of Frogs 'O War for a non-transcript.

TEXAS TECH NOT PLAYING TCU IN 2011 | I didn't think that it could not have been any more clear, but in 2011 Texas Tech backed out of playing TCU and Tuberville essentially said that Texas Tech just couldn't play TCU that year because Texas Tech just wasn't in a position to take on another possible loss and so they dropped them from the non-conference schedule. That's pretty honest so I don't know why this is a story, but FWST's Mac Engle asked Patterson about this yesterday and is seemingly trying to make a big deal out of this. Patterson actually gave the best answer and this is true. Tuberville couldn't afford a loss:

Everybody does things for their own reason. He was trying to build his program and get to six wins. ... Coaches, we make business decisions. There is no such thing as a coach or a team that doesn't want to go play somebody. I didn't give it a second thought about him changing that ball game last year.

Engel strikes me as the sort of guy that tries really hard to be controversial and thinks he's being really smart, but this comes off as really lame to bring up something that happened some time ago. Anyway, I think the part about Tuberville needing to try to get to 6 wins is probably as accurate as anything else. It's the same reason why former basketball coach Billy Gillispie didn't schedule any road games for almost a month. He needed to get some wins. Texas Tech did come out and say that there wasn't a contract, but it really doesn't matter any more because Texas Tech is playing TCU for the foreseeable future and I think that's a good thing.

PRETTY GOOD | LAJ's Don Williams talked with S Cody Davis and he said he didn't grade very well on Saturday and most interesting to me was Davis' comments on former DC Chad Glasgow:

"I don’t know if there will be a conversation, but it’s definitely motivating to go up against him, just (based on) last year and how bad it was. We want to show him that this year is a new year and a new defense. We’re going to come out ready to prove something, like we are every week. We’re ready to show we have a defense this year and come out and play well against him."


"I don’t have anything against him as a person," he said, "but as a coach I didn’t particularly like him. That’s all there is to that."

Make no mistake, I would guess that these players and Glasgow both want to beat each other.

LINKS AND NOTES | SB Nation's Spencer Hall has this week's Alphabetical and there are a couple of Texas Tech mentions . . . Texas Tech is also #18 or something like that in the SB Nation Blogpoll . . . Turfburner's Jay Beck has the Big 12 midseason checkup and there's lots of good things to read here . . . SB Nation's Bill Connelly has looking at Leach vs. Holgorsen all year and since Texas Tech played Holgo's WVU team it was appropriate to link . . . FSSW's Anthony Andro asks if TCU can slow down Texas Tech . . .